Honda IndyCar Simulator Gets Racing Fans’ Adrenaline Pumping Online


Honda Speed Simulator

For those who have a need for speed but don’t want to rack up any tickets on the city streets (or already have a stack of them in their glove-box), Honda has created an IndyCar interactive experience that allows users to get the sensation of going up to 200 miles per hour by getting behind their screens rather than the wheel of an actual car.

The IndyCar Speed Simulator is simultaneously pushing the Honda brand, its racing team’s IndyCar entry and a sweepstakes, but that’s all secondary to the user experience of driving through city streets as fast as possible.

Once visitors type in an address, Google Maps loads up the location and then figures out a route through nearby streets. The user rips through the first lap, and then watches a pit crew come out to change the tires.

In addition to using geotargeting to create a personalized experience through users’ own neighborhoods, recalling Arcade Fire’s The Wilderness Downtown project with Google Chrome, it’s also a nifty way for Honda to gather data based on users’ addresses.

Honda pit crew

At the end of the race, players are prompted to enter the Fastest Seat in Sports sweepstakes. The winner could win a trip to an IndyCar race, including pre-competition lap with an IndyCar driver; a trip to the Indianapolis 500 next year; or one of 12 races this year.

It sure beats paying for speeding tickets.


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