HelloFlo Makes a Shero of Girls, Always and Clue with The Period Fairy


HelloFlo Period Fairy commercial

As HelloFlo founder Naama Bloom told us last year, without P&G’s Always brand of feminine personal care products, there would have been no First Moon Party, the subscription service’s hilarious 2014 short film that now has more than 30 million views on YouTube.

HelloFlo Period Fairy tooth fairy

Now the Always brand, creator of the viral “Like A Girl” campaign that ran during the Super Bowl, is making a brandcameo in HelloFlo’s new short film released today, The Period Fairy.

HelloFlo The Period Fairy

The film, which traces a Rachel Maddow-like tween named Lillian Dye’s quest for the mythical creature (seen in a flashback, above) by interviewing the likes of Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, is once again tickling the funny bone in a storytelling-driven promotion (hashtag: #makeitvagical) for its period starter kit.

HelloFlo The Period Fairy starter kit

“In the case of Procter & Gamble’s Always brand, the partnership is much deeper,” Bloom told us of P&G’s significance as a brand partner and supplier for HelloFlo’s kits (and skits). “They were involved in the creation and promotion of First Moon Party.” They’re even more in the spotlight in its new film.

HelloFlo Period Fairy Always

In addition to the Always brand, the new short film also makes a “Shero” of Clue, a free period and fertility tracking app for iOS, Android and Apple Watch, as the Tooth Fairy shows Lillian.

HelloFlo Clue app Period Fairy

As Clue notes in a blog post about its partnership with HelloFlo to advance “the digital menstrual health space, (we) will jointly create and distribute compelling content about female health, ranging from informational research to video interviews with medical professionals.”

“Through the data women are entering in Clue on a daily basis, we’re gaining a greater understanding of trends in menstrual health,” stated Clue CEO and founder Ida Tin. “HelloFlo is a natural partner to help share these insights with a broad audience of girls and women, as well as with a wider community.”

Below, check out how HelloFlo makes a “Shero” of its target audience and its brand partners in The Period Fairy, along with the film’s groundbreaking predecessors in its First Period Trilogy.