Ray-Ban #Campaign4Change Seeks Disruptors’ World-Changing Ideas


Ray-Ban #Campaign4Change high school marching band

The folks at Ray-Ban are tired of seeing pictures of cats and food come across their social media feeds, so they are doing something about it. The Luxottica-owned sunglasses brand is asking consumers to share their ideas and dreams. Their mission, should they accept it: to “share the change you want for the world—show the world what you believe in, even if it’s unbelievable” and use the hashtag #Campaign4Change to pitch their world-changing ideas.

Ray-Ban #Campaign4Change

Ideas include a woman who speaks out about her truth and invites others to do so, and a project to reinvent a high school marching band with an electric guitar and DJ with turntable.

Ray-Ban #Campaign4Change

Each idea is being voted on by fans who click on if an idea is smart, funny, sweet or weird.

The bigger goal is to promote Ray-Ban’s innovative new products including the transparent Wayfarer and Aviator collection. It’s also the latest piece of the brand’s “Never Hide” campaign, a longstanding branded entertainment short film effort (under its Hide Films shingle, with Vice also involved this time around). The “Never Hide” tagline encourages brand loyalists to wear their Ray-Ban sunglasses proudly—and flip the notion that they’re hiding behind their sunnies.

The convention-defying user-generated #Campaign4Change campaign falls under the banner of Ray-Ban’s not-so-secret “The Order of Never Hide,” described as:

The Order of Never Hide can not be put into words. But if it could, these would be the words we’d use: It is a movement established by humans – for humans – to preserve our most human qualities. Things like individuality, eccentricity, and the ability to rollerskate in spandex while singing La Cucaracha. We celebrate being comfortable in your own skin – and sometimes only your own skin. Put simply, our mission is to Never Hide.

It’s incentivizing consumers to become “changiers” and submit ideas with the promise that the winning submission, as selected by fans, will win travel and lodging in a four-star hotel in New York City for a Ray-Ban event and also be featured on a billboard in Times Square.

Ray-Ban #Campaign4Change posters

Other winners will have their entries featured in paid Facebook campaigns or showcased in Ray-Ban’s flagship stores in New York and London. They will also be shared on Ray-Ban’s social media accounts. The global #Campaign4Change campaign kick-off included a South Africa launch party last week.

Ray-Ban Campaign4Change

User video submissions so far include a pitch for Casual Everydays (as opposed to Casual Fridays) and another seeking support to save the unicorns. “Using humor to connect to consumers can be great if implemented in a non-offensive way to the masses,” Marci Troutman, CEO of SiteMinis of Atlanta told Mobile Marketer. “Finding the proper humorous message and crossing demographics while doing so is well worth the time and research to create the proper message for a win across the board.”

Ray-Ban #Campaign4Change Never Hide

It’s not all humorous. On a more serious note but still in line with the campaign’s defiant theme, Brianna Combs made her campaign to “Speak Your Truth.” She stopped pedestrians in New York to let them know she’s an ex-convict—and inviting them share their secrets and truth.

Below, check out two of the submissions—Combs’ campaign and reinventing the high school marching band—followed by a NeverHideFilms original short, Saturday Night Cosmic Breakdown, that touches on the campaign’s themes:

Ray-Ban NeverHideFilms - Saturday Night Cosmic Breakdown, a short by Danny Sangra x Terrace Martin // Poster by Andrea Wan // #Campaign4Change