Jurassic World Branding: Get Ready for the Dino Deluge



To paraphrase Jurassic Park, God creates dinosaurs … God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man … Man destroys God. Man creates dinosaur film franchise worth billions of dollars …

The original Jurassic Park movie made $1.03 billion dollars worldwide. And that was before 3D and without a single dollar from China or Russia, both of which have become billion-dollar film markets since 1993. Global box office projections for Jurassic World, a sequel 22 years in the making, are in the one billion dollar range.

As indications are that Jurassic World will be the biggest hit of 2015, costars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard have been doing publicity in China, where the film debuts June 10, two days ahead of the official June 12 release elsewhere. And that’s just the box office bonanza. Brands are scrambling to get on board the dinosaur train (pun intended) whether they’re featured in the movie or not.

1. Barbasol

No brand enjoys a sweeter Jurassic World tie-in than Barbasol, the brand with the best organic tie-in with the franchise. The shaving cream reached back 22 years to the original Jurassic Park to remind viewers that it was there from the start and an integral part of the plot.

jurassic world barbasol cans

2. Mercedes-Benz

A close second to Barbasol is Mercedes-Benz. The German automaker became a brand partner in the first Jurassic sequel, The Lost World, in 1995. Now Benz is back to show off the latest version of its GLE coupe in a product placement deal that gives it a prominent cameo in the movie and off-screen marketing chops, too.

Jurassic World Mercedes-Benz product placement

3. Triumph

Chris Pratt rides a Triumph Scrambler motorcycle, as you can see below:

jurassicworld_triumph scrambler

4. Dairy Queen

In the mood for a “Jurassic Smash” Blizzard? Available now at DQ locations in North America, the frozen treat contains peanut butter cookies smashed together with chocolate chip cookie dough.

Dairy Queen Jurassic World

5. Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts

Nom, nom, nom.

6. Golf Channel

The NBCU-owned network probably wishes it could time travel back to 1993, when a young Tiger Woods was on the cusp of exploding and taking the popularity of the sport with it. Golf-despising millennials were still in diapers, their fathers spending every extra cent on the latest golf doodad. Now the sports network has created a Jurassic World-inspired Altered Course TV series that premieres June 15th, marrying stodgy old school golf with Tough Mudder-like athleticism and grit, as Chris Pratt introduces in the promo.

7. Samsung

Move over Iron Man Samsung smartphone; it’s time for a Jurassic World Samsung Gear smartwatch:

jurassic samsung gear

And the Samsung 4K SUHD TV at Best Buy reveals some exclusive content:


Toy brands are naturally eager to cash in some dino-bucks. None more so than Lego. The brick maker is releasing numerous Jurassic World building kits (“The Jurassic Collection“; above) but also a video game that spans all four Jurassic films (trailer below).

YouTube vlogger Dudes in Toyland covers the tidal wave of other Jurassic World tie-in toys:

9. Hilton and the Jurassic World Resort

Jurassic World the fictional movie theme park is also marketed by Jurassic World the fictional “real world” theme park. Visit the official Jurassic World website where the movie’s marketers have created a virtual version of the movie’s park in all of its glory, including maps and visit planners and corporate partners.

The Golf Channel isn’t the only cable network with a Jurassic World marketing tie-in.

Yes, the fictional Jurassic World created to promote the film Jurassic World boasts details like a Hilton Isla Nublar Resort and dining options including the Isla Nublar Margaritaville, Dave & Buster’s, Ben & Jerry’s, Starbucks, Jamba Juice, Yoshinoya, Sunrio and for the velvet rope crowd, Nobu.

The fictional Isla Nublar Winston’s Steak House even has a detailed menu while the real life Dave & Buster’s will feature Jurassic World Arcade Games this summer. Don’t leave without cyber-stopping at the Jurassic World store. There are even fake ads for fictional Jurassic World entities Ingen and Masrani Global.

10. Shazam

Mobile marketing? You bet Jurassic World has it. The film is working with the Shazam app to turn marketing materials like posters into “dynamic pieces of content.” In the UK, another app will allow a dinosaur to “photo bomb” pictures.

jurassic shazzam

11. And more Jurassic World merch than you can shake a tail at…

Jurassic World is also covering the small details, like special Jurassic World 3D glasses and these other special Jurassic World glasses. Look out for a tidal wave of Jurassic World t-shirts and other licensed goods at Walmart, Target — and pretty much every store on the planet.

And speaking of beverage containers, one intrepid Jurassic World fan has created a Barbasol cryocan tumbler, perfect for your raptor eggs and cafe latte.

jurassic tumbler