Rebranding The Wonderful Company: 5 Questions with VP Adam Cooper


The Wonderful Company

Wonderful Pistachios and POM Wonderful pomegranate drinks have already grown into vibrant new brands that essentially created their better-for-you food and beverage categories. Now, their parent company, Roll Global, is applying a bit of the “Wonderful” magic to its own corporate name and brand.

So the privately held, $4-billion umbrella for a growing number of healthful products has officially changed its name to The Wonderful Company. Its other major brands and product lines include Wonderful Halos mandarin oranges, Wonderful Almonds, Fiji Water and the Teleflora flower-delivery outfit. Fiji Water is a Wonderful-owned brand that has just undergone its own packaging facelift and new marketing campaign.

The company has been growing revenues at an average of 15 percent a year lately, quadrupling in sales over the past decade and employing about 7,300 people versus just 2,500 back then.

No surprise founders Lynda and Stewart Resnick believed it was time to clean up any brand-identity confusion at the top of the company and attempt to create more synergies among its vibrant brands. brandchannel talked with Adam Cooper, vice president of insights and innovation and project leader behind the rebranding.

brandchannel: Why this name and how will your visual identity reflect it?

The Wonderful Company Adam Cooper

Adam Cooper: Our name didn’t reflect our products. We had some equity with Wonderful, but not every consumer can make those connections. However, nearly half of US households buy a Wonderful brand of products each year. Our new logo includes the word “Wonderful” with a heart.

bc: Do consumers really care about your corporate brand (or rebrand)? Why it consistent important?

Cooper: We thought it was important for our consumers to know who we are and our retailer customers and others that we work with in the industry to unify under the Wonderful brand.

Over time as we use The Wonderful Company more, consumers will hopefully begin to connect each of these brands together and be more likely to buy our products in the future. We know there will be longer-term impact but there also is some immediate benefit from bringing our brands together: When you’re working with trade customers and partners, being from one unified brand makes a difference.

bc: What consumer insights informed the timing of this rebranding?

Cooper: It’s been a year-long process. Lynda and Stewart set the initial vision to make this come about. They felt this was the time because we’re advertising our brands more than ever, and because we’re becoming more branded in the marketplace, we wanted to make sure our company name represented that.

bc: What are the latest in product innovation across your brands?

The Wonderful CompanyCooper: With POM Wonderful, we’ve relaunched our line of POM antioxidant super teas in four flavors, and they’ve been hitting the stores over the past year. With FIJI Water, in addition to the national media campaign, we added a new label and new presence in the store—new packaging that really stands out.

With Wonderful Pistachios, we are always looking at different potential new packaging options and flavor renovations. Wonderful Halos just finished their second season and they’ve become the No. 1 selling brand of mandarin oranges—their awareness is now on par with all the other brands.

And this year we launched nationally our Sweet Scarletts ruby-red Texas grapefruits—and that’s been a good strategy to reinvigorate the grapefruit category. Mandarins already are the fastest-growing citrus subcategory out there and one of fastest in all of produce. But with grapefruits, it will be a long journey in that grapefruits go up and down in terms of popularity. We’re hoping with the new brand to create more sales and awareness around grapefruits. They’re grown on Wonderful-owned land in Texas.

bc: With this rebranding out, are you also repositioning the company? What are your priorities looking ahead?

Cooper: One story we want to tell with The Wonderful Company is how we give back. We have a robust culture of philanthropy. Last year alone we donated almost $50 million in total charitable giving, and we also have invested nearly $100 million in sustainability efforts, which go a long way to help the environment.


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