With Beauty for a Purpose Content Hub, Avon Samples Brand Publishing


Avon Beauty with a Purpose

In step with other brand publishers, Avon has just unwrapped Beauty for a Purpose, a website targeting its six million representatives worldwide, of both sexes. The goal, according to the company, is to highlight the brand—its values, people and activities—to its internal and external audiences, promoting beauty and financial independence for personal empowerment that’s relevant to its reps and customers alike.

The new platform supports three company-wide pillars: beauty products of demonstrable quality and value; earning opportunity; and the network effect of empowered women empowering others. Calling this the company’s first foray into brand publishing, the site features user-generated content in the form of photos that have been hashtagged #beautyforapurpose by Avon reps worldwide.

“Avon is an authentically purpose-driven company—and we intend to tap into that truth as we strengthen our bond with current consumers and Representatives, and introduce a new generation of women to a brand we know they will love,” stated Avon CEO Sheri McCoy.

Avon Beauty With a Purpose website

“We believe that empowered women are the transforming force of societies and will turn the world into a more beautiful one,” added Fernando Acosta, President of Global Brand Marketing. “Beauty for a Purpose captures our whole Avon story: give women the right products, the right earning opportunities and a support network and they can change the world. The stories we tell will celebrate our six million Avon Representatives – the largest network of women on Earth – who are empowering those around them through beauty.”

The site has four vertical channels: Beauty, Empowerment, Lifestyle and Avon Insider. With brand storytelling and publishing all the rage, sample content includes a mash-up of beauty and personal tales from Avon reps lifts this initiative to a networked scale and includes Avon’s celebrity ambassadors. Visitors can check out “Fresh Perspective: As a Mom, Fergie Sees Life, Love, And her Career A Little Differently;” “Get Comfortable in Your Own Skin: Maria Sharapova’s Take On Beauty;” “15 Reasons Why We Love Olivia Wilde And You Should Too.”

Spotlights on Avon Representatives, executives and products at launch feature: “Avon’s CEO Sheri McCoy Shares Sage Advice for Graduates;” “Obsessed: (Avon Representative) Rebecca Luedemann Can’t Live Without Mega Effects Mascara;” “#TBT: The Hundred Year Evolution of Lipstick at Avon.

Avon Beauty With a Purpose

An advance preview was shared with Avon Representatives in May, and consumer rollout begins this month in the US, Latin America, India and Philippines. Additional sites will be launched in the third quarter throughout Europe and Asia. All sites will connect to the local market social media channels, as well as existing e-Commerce platforms. The site also features links for visitors to become a Representative or to shop with a Representative.

And not forgetting the men of the world as Father’s Day approaches, the site invites them to take the “Empowerment Pledge,” reflecting their personal commitment to create a better world for their daughters, sisters and women worldwide. In addition to a campaign video, visitors can customize a Father’s Day e-card that is shareable via email or social media to encourage taking the pledge.

The site also highlights Avon’s recent Pop-Up Makeover activation in New York:

By the end of the year, the Beauty for a Purpose brand positioning will also be fully integrated across all aspects of business, including the Avon printed sales brochure distributed to consumers around the world. The company also is launching an employee value proposition campaign, “Inspiring Work. Empowering Women,” intended to bring alive Beauty for a Purpose through the lens of the Associate experience. The campaign will foster engagement by reinforcing Avon’s commitment to providing employees with fulfilling, purposeful work.

Avon, now 125 years old, reaps nearly $9 billion in annual revenue sold through 6 million active independent Avon Sales Representatives worldwide. While BeautyforaPurpose.com is essentially a corporate site as customers will still shop at Avon.com, it’s also a signpost to its customers that it’s empowering its brand ambassadors and salesforce to sell outer and inner beauty, imbuing social outreach with a global purpose.