JetBlue Surprises NYC With Holographic Better Wingman Pop-Up


JetBlue New York hologram pop-up 2015

In New York’s Chelsea neighborhood at the corner of Sixth Avenue and 16th Street, JetBlue recently set up an interactive hologram in an empty storefront with a virtual flight attendant to help guide people through topics such as customer service and legroom. She didn’t wait for passersby to walk up to her either, but called out to them and even used some dance moves to get their attention and encourage interactions at a busy NYC street corner.

JetBlue New York wingman interactive pop-up

Behind the scenes, a real flight attendant used a hidden camera and microphone to respond to those who stopped to interact via a touchscreen—causing both awe and confusion, reports the Examiner. Those who continued to interact were rewarded with free airline vouchers as the flight attendant came out from behind the hologram to dispense them and other swag such as tote bags. After a weekend of live interactions, a video loop featuring the flight attendant—dancing, waving, calling out to people to get their attention—continued to play for few days after.

JetBlue New York hologram

Of the nearly 3,000 interactions with the “Better Wingman” digital storefront, designed to play up the airline’s innovations around customer experience and answer questions, legroom was the top subject of discussion.

JetBlue has experimented with digital storefronts before, with holographic installations at its JFK Terminal hub in New York and at the Aventura Mall in Miami. Its Florida storefront generated almost 9,000 interactions in one week, and nearly 20 percent of those who participated sent in an email submission to enter a sweepstakes.

“We are always looking for unique ways to entertain and educate our customers,” stated Phillip Ma, JetBlue’s manager of advertising, in a press release. “These delivered on the fun factor and illustrated our core brand story and mission.”

JetBlue Better Wingman


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