Father’s Day 2015: Here Comes the Dadvertising Deluge


Father's Day TieFi

Father’s Day arrives this Sunday and brands are happily pouncing on the holiday to showcase just how much they love that guy with a slew of ads celebrating dear old dad. What could be an easier marketing tool? Below, a round-up of how brands are getting schmaltzy or silly (don’t miss TieFi, below) this Father’s Day:

Angel Soft toilet paper found a way to actually anger some folks with its Father’s Day ads, which feature a number of folks honoring their single mothers. The whole thing ends with a “Happy Father’s Day, Mom” tagline. Conservative site BizPacReview called the ad “ridiculous” and chronicles all the folks who got upset about it on Twitter, asking why the brand didn’t honor single fathers on Mother’s Day or for this holiday.

Angel Soft may have taken into consideration that single mothers far outnumber single fathers in the US, where there were 2.6 million households run by single fathers and 8.6 million run by single mothers in 2011, Pew reports. The Washington Post noted late last year that “demographers now believe half of all children will live with a single mom at some point before the age of 18.” That’s a lot of toilet paper.

Unilever’s Dove Men+Care takes a safer route, pulling videos from YouTube of ecstatic men learning that they were going to become dads. This is part of the brand’s “Real Strength” campaign that also had a dad-centric ad during the Super Bowl.

The timing for Under Armour’s Father’s Day ad is impeccable. It features Stephen Curry, who just happened to lead the Golden State Warriors to its first NBA championship in decades earlier this week, talking his dad, former NBAer Dell Curry.

Toyota, which also had a Super Bowl dad-centric hit ad, notes in its US Father’s Day spot that Americans spend $7 billion more on Mother’s Day than on Father’s Day. It then has folks call their dads to express their appreciation and even takes one back to Cody, Wyoming, to reunite with his father.

In Japan, meanwhile, Toyota released “Loving Eyes,” a touching ad following a father-daughter relationship as told through both their eyes (and within the car), as Adweek noted.

Goody Hair got a whole bunch of cute dads to do their cute daughters’ hair. Everything turns out, well, pretty darned cute.

P&G’s Fairy dishwashing liquid brand in the UK is encouraging British dads to never stop hugging their sons – even during those awkward teen years.

US department store Kohl’s ditches the high concepts and just showcases dads having fun with their kids—using products you can buy at Kohl’s, of course.

Pampers US takes a moment to show the different lessons dads learn in those early years.

Canada’s Grip Unlimited created a faux ad turning ties into Wi-Fi (calling it, of course, TieFi):

US family–owned Bavaria Brewery celebrates the silliness that is passed down from dad to dad.

Hillbilly Stills wants folks to help their dads make their own whiskey.

And UNICEF invited Nigerian musician Femi Kuti encourage fathers across the globe to tell their children about HIV and take care of themselves and their families in its new ad.