Terminator Genisys Continues Hollywood Product Placement Trend


Terminator Genisys product placement Nike Vandal brands

The list of official partners for Terminator Genisys does not read quite as A-list the list of partners and brands populating Jurassic World. The brands listed as marketing partners with the new Terminator film, which opens on July 1st, include beverage Big Red, “gourmet burger and brew” chain Red Robin, Gold’s Gym, MusclePharm (Arnold Schwarzenegger Series supplements) and Netgear (“Terminate your dead zones”).

The movie also features the first interactive in-theater game, at select AMC-IMAX theaters.

As for what brands appear on-screen, we already know about Nike remaking the Vandal, a key sneaker design that’s featured throughout Genisys, and the film’s Harley-Davidson motorcycles, even making the red carpet at the movie’s premiere. (Find out more about Harley-Davidson’s Terminator return in our Q&A with Dino Bernacchi, the company’s director of US marketing and communications.)

Terminator Genisys Harley-Davidson

Terminator: Genisys Harley Davidson product placement premiere

But when it comes to more subtle product placements in the film itself, there’s another brand to watch up for: Lanai Collection. Chances are you’ve never head of the apparel brand, an example of the latest Hollywood insider movie product placement trend: vertical integration, in which film producers place consumer product brands they own or have a stake in their films.

Stacking a film with products from the home team has a long tradition. Multinational studios owned by big conglomerates do it all the time. It’s no surprise that James Bond uses a Sony Vaio laptop when you know Sony studios made the picture. Nor is any surprise early Pixar films featured Apple easter eggs when you know Steve Jobs helped launch the studio.

laiai spoof scene

Now product placements are getting more personal, and more subtle. Terminator Genysis will feature garments from Lanai Collection, a “comfortable luxury” clothing brand  (Leather Aviator Jacket: $1,995) named after the Hawaiian island owned by the co-founder of Oracle, Larry Ellison. His son David is a producer on the Terminator film.

entourage_get marked aqua hydrate wahlberg
Genisys marks the second instance of the gambit in as many months. Lanai’s Terminator bow comes a month after the product placement-littered film based of the HBO series Entourage. Produced by Mark Wahlberg, Entourage features a bevy of products and product logos owned by Wahlberg, who’s a strong friend of brands in his movies.

In fact, in one scene, Wahlberg (as himself) is wearing a t-shirt with a large logo for his muscle-building supplement brand Marked while at the same time wearing a hat with the logo of AquaHydrate, a bottled water company he launched with Sean Combs. (Wahlberg also heavily promoted the Marked brand while doing publicity for his 2013 film Pain and Gain.) “Works for me” indeed.


Ellison is also a co-producer of the upcoming Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (July 31) film starring Tom Cruise. Cruise has been actively involved in marketing and developing Ellison’s Lanai Island. So watch this space for updates on Cruise’s Rogue Nation wardrobe. And let us know what you think of how brands pop up in Terminator Genisys when you see it.

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