Carlsberg Men’s Shampoo: Brand Extension Gets Beer Fans in a Lather


Carlsberg beer beauty shampoo

The slain bodies on the battlefield of brand extensions are numerous. But beer brand Carlsberg thinks it has a winner with a new line of branded men’s personal care products, including shampoo, condition and a body lotion that’s already been nominated for an award.

Zoran Gojkovic, Director of Research at Carlsberg Laboratory, extols the benefits of beer’s yeast, hops and barley on skin when added to shampoo or other grooming products in the video above.

“Why using [sic] your wife’s shampoo when you can use a beer shampoo?” asks Carlsberg in the promo for the Beer Beauty line. “Men who love beer might just find this Beer Beauty series by Carlsberg, probably the best new range of male grooming products in the world!”

Carlsberg beer beauty shampoo

Maybe the best new, but not the first.
booze duffy
Already on the market is Duffy’s, a “craft beer” cosmetics line including shampoo, conditioner hops-infused mustache wax and beard oil. Tasmania Australia also offers a Real Beer shampoo bar.

But even Duffy’s was not the first. In the 1970s consumers could purchase a bottle of “Body on Tap,” the “beer enriches shampoo.”

Beyond that, whiskey and beer-infused lotions and shampoos exist from small-batch producers like San Francisco’s Bourbon and Leather brand.

Carlsberg’s new venture is a just the latest example of a brand extension, when a brand well established in one sector attempts to leverage its name to launch a product in a completely different product sector. Sometimes, brand extensions work well. For example, Harley-Davidson has seven (7!) different perfume and scent lines.

Other brand extensions are questionable but stumble along on the strength of the brand’s core product, and often involve licensing deal, such as BMW’s Athletic Collection or the Star Wars line of shoes for adidas. Or Star Wars line of shoes for Vans. Actually, Star Wars may be the one brand immune to the possibility of an unsuccessful brand extension.

booze maxim
Then there are the failures, which often stumble because the core brand is itself struggling in its primary sector.  These include attempts Maxim magazine’s men’s haircare line and Playboy’s energy drink.

Then there are the brand extensions that never should have happened. These are few and far between but, without exception, entertaining. For example, how about Kellogg’s short-lived line of street fashion called “Under the Hood”?

Funnily enough, Carlsberg has actually joked before about Carlsberg brand extensions. Earlier this year, Carlsberg asked, “What if Carlsberg did supermarkets?”

Meanwhile, one alcohol brand already has a makeshift cosmetics extension and likely doesn’t know it.

booze JD soap

Numerous men’s hair salons and barbershops fill old Jack Daniel’s bottles with shampoo and conditioner and add a pump top to add a little branded masculine atmosphere.