With #FeelWimbledon, Jaguar Captures the Wimbledon Crowd


Jaguar Wimbledon feel emotion campaign

Our feelings take center court this year at Wimbledon. Jaguar, The Official Car of The Championships, launches #FeelWimbledon, a campaign that captures and communicates the pulse of the crowd in real time across social media and FeelWimbledon.co.uk.

As Laura Schwab, UK Marketing Director at Jaguar Land Rover, said: “Wimbledon evokes lots of emotions and captures our imaginations in so many different ways.”

So by using data collected through atmospheric sensors, biometric wristbands and sociometric (Facebook and Twitter sentiment) tracking, Jaguar will share that pulse by tracking the emotions and the energy happening live at the tournament and in conversations across the internet.

These insights will act as a way to bring viewers—at the match, at home, or online—closer to the experience. And as it gets closer and closer to the final game, Jaguar will start to share their data-driven take on the highlights, the gasps and the big moments.

Jaguar Wimbledon #FeelWimbledon

The push to digitize live sports is not new: From in-seat smartphone ordering to live data visualization on the big screen to tweets showing up on-air, technology is more and more embedded into our fan experiences. But Jaguar’s multi-sensory approach—expressing emotions rather than illustrating out-of-bounds and strike zones, and using wearable tech and social sentiment—feels fresh and makes tennis accessible for anyone who appreciates the ups-and-downs of live-action entertainment.

As brands look to Jaguar’s example, they should consider how what they’re measuring adds value for their own fans. It’s not simply about sharing statistics; it’s about providing new perspective, empathy and excitement. At Wimbledon, the emotions on the court and in the crowd are entrenched in the experience. #FeelWimbledon will attempt to capture that experience and make everyone, everywhere true, passionate fans.

—Corey Lewis is a writer and consultant in New York who is really bad at talking about herself in the third person. Follow her @hewey_lewey on Twitter.