Coca-Cola Latin America Releases LGBT-Positive Short Film


Coca-Cola El SMS The Text

Coca-Cola’s “Crossroads” branded entertainment in Latin America this year has been promoting the idea of teens making good choices to be kind rather than cruel. That’s not always easy for a kid just figuring things out.

One of those kids, a character named Diego, is featured in the new seven-minute film directed by Dustin Lance Black (an LGBT activist who also won an Oscar for writing the 2008 film Milk). Through Coke’s new film, El SMS (The Text), Diego figures out and comes to grips with the fact that the buddy he trades jibes with about dogs, soccer, and girls is actually not interested in girls at all.

The film features a Coke mention, of course, as well as a fist bump, the symbol of the campaign that’s been featured in Black’s two films from earlier this year, The Rumor and Something Unexpected, as well as on the brand’s redesigned cans that changed the famed curved line from a solidly connected white line to one that features two fists bumping.

Coca-Cola fist bump can

The Text was perhaps the most personal for me to direct,” Black told Adweek. “As an artist, I feel I have a responsibility to share the stories of who LGBT people truly are, in order to dispel any atmosphere of fear that might prevent LGBT people from sharing their lives openly.”

As an added incentive for teens to keep watching the three films, One Direction’s “Clouds” is featured across the campaign, as fans have been sharing on Twitter with the hashtag .