Aldi Takes on America with Comedic ‘Cart Smarts’ Web Series


Aldi US Cart Smarts web video series Ben Bailey Cash Cab

Ben Bailey, comedian and host of Cash Cab on the Discovery Channel, has teamed up with Aldi—the low-cost German grocery store that recently won “Supermarket of the Year” in Europe—to help the retailer become better known in the US.

Aldi Ben Bailey

Bailey is starring in a new web series, Cart Smarts with Ben Bailey, that has him dressing up like an Aldi employee at a Chicago location and putting customers on the spot about how much they know about the retailer.

“I had a blast interacting with customers at Aldi,” said Bailey of the content marketing move in a press release. “While Aldi does things a bit differently, you grow to appreciate the quirks as you get to know the Aldi way, especially when you realize how those quirks save you money.”

The brand is hoping to fill the need for a US chain that offers higher-quality food for lower prices. A recent survey by the company shows that 61 percent of US adults said it was too difficult to eat healthy and organic on a budget, and nearly eight out of 10 respondents said they would buy fresh, high-quality and organic products if they weren’t so expensive.

As Adweek notes, Aldi aims to open 45 stores just in Southern California next year. This campaign will “help introduce Aldi’s unique and quirky ways to new markets and neighborhoods,” executive creative director Jim Paul commented. One way it’s expanding its US retail footprint is by taking over some former Bottom Dollar Food locations and rebranding the stores, according to WTAE.

Aldi may be new to many Americans but the company that charges customers to use carts and asks them to bag their own groceries has done extremely well for itself in Europe and Australia. In addition, it already has a good foothold in the US with another value-minded grocery chain it happens to own — Trader Joe’s.

Forbes reports that Aldi isn’t the only German grocer moving to the US. Competitor Lidl will also be opening stores in America to try to make a dent in the increasingly competitive grocery market. Lidl will establish its US headquarters in Virginia and a distribution center in North Carolina. It has selected more than 80 locations in the Washington, DC, area and aims to open more than 500 US stores in 2018. That number is expected to rise to 2,000 by 2020.


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