Purina ONE Offers One More Summer Option: Cat Camp


Purina Cat Camp

New York City kids spend their summers in all sorts of camps: sleep-away, dance, soccer, baseball, music, craft, hockey, track, robot, chess, math—you name it. Purina ONE is now adding another to the list that both kids and adults can enjoy: Cat Camp.

Fresh off an attempt to break the world record for most pets in a workplace, the brand is launching the two-day Cat Camp in New York’s SoHo neighborhood at the tail end of July and the start of August. The aim is to help people have healthier cats.

Cat Camp will include a variety of activities found at many camps across America, such as a campfires, climbing, and arts & crafts. Each will be tied into the theme of cat health, with the campfire made from Purina kibble and featuring a veterinarian showing “campers” how to check their cats’ full-body health.

The climbing wall is designed to help human campers understand why cats always try to climb to high places, and the arts & crafts will have them creating feeders to take home for their cats. There will be other activities as well, including playtime and stretching with cats.

Of course, those not in the Big Apple don’t have to miss out, thanks to the wonder of streaming video, which will be found via Periscope on the Purina Twitter feed, #PurinaONECats.

“Purina ONE’s Cat Camp is a fun way for cat lovers to experience all the things that feed into whole body health for cats,” said Brian Williams, Brand Manager for Purina One, in a press release. “We had such a great response to last year’s Cat Cafe, so this year we wanted to provide activities that would help educate people on whole body health, and there isn’t a better way to do that this summer than a camp-like experience.”

Along with the recent rise in popularity of Manhattan-based Meow Parlours, Cat Camp is just another prime opportunity to shake your head and say, “Only in New York.”