GE’s #DroneWeek Will Deliver Bird’s-Eye View Live Via Periscope


GE Drone Week

General Electric has built its brand on innovation, and next week, it is taking the drone by the horns and allowing everyday folks into some of its off-the-beaten-track locations to meet its innovators, all by drone and live via Periscope.

Viewers will be able to visit GE locations in Texas, Ohio, South Carolina and California, among others, to see how jet engines, locomotives, wind turbines and industrial machinery are made and tested.

Drones taking video have already shown the world such incredible things as the grandeur of the Himalayas, the awesome height of the Eiffel Tower and the horrendous world of a concentration camp.

But they also have some folks (and sheep) living in fear, such as actors on the set of Star Wars and those who enjoy sex in outdoor spaces.

Drones have inspired a film festival as well as, a site collecting all things visually drone.

“We’re always trying to tell the full picture of the GE story which is a complicated one, so any time we can talk about the various industries and variety of expertise and disciplines, we try to find unique and innovative way to do that,” says GE’s director of innovation Sam Olstein, according to Fast Company. “Drone Week allows us to showcase five different sites and five industries to give people a really cool perspective and peek at some of the stuff they don’t see often but does have an impact on their lives.”

The “dronecast” will be on @GeneralElectric while interviews and commentary will be broadcast simultaneously on @GEDDronePilot. Viewers’ questions can be handled in real time. GE is hoping Drone Week can be so successful that it becomes an annual event.


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