Is That Wine in a Box? Talking ‘Trainwreck’ Product Placement with Bandit Wines


Bandit Wines

Ant-Man may have bested mega-comedian Amy Schumer’s big screen debut at the box office, but the Comedy Central star’s new film, Trainwreck, is getting great reviews: It’s 85 percent fresh on Rotten Tomatoes (Ant-Man: 80 percent). And while Ant-Man included an elephant-sized product placement for Baskin-Robbins, Trainwreck’s product placement took a slightly different tack: wine in a box. Specifically, Bandit brand boxed wine, the perfect prop for Schumer’s charming lush of a character, as you’ll find out below. Audiences have noticed, too.

Continuing brandchannel’s series of behind-the-scenes interviews with onscreen brands, we spoke with John Garaventa, Senior Marketing Manager at Bandit Wines, about being included in Trainwreck, branding wine as an active lifestyle product and women golfers.

brandchannel: In Trainwreck, Bandit gets a huge nod from one of the hottest comedians out there in Amy Schumer. But at the same time, it’s almost a derogatory reference, the way John Cena’s character sneers, “Is that wine in a box?” How do you feel about the cameo in the movie?

Bandit WinesGaraventa: We were very excited that Bandit has a cameo in Trainwreck. The great thing about Bandit is that you can take it so many places. (Not that we would ever advocate sneaking product into a movie, but it does fit nicely in a large purse or jacket!) Most wine drinkers understand that these are premium wines regardless of the container, and they are very different from what some think of as wine in a box because they are varietal and appellation-specific.

The packaging is also more environmentally-friendly than traditional glass wine bottles because it takes less energy to produce, is made from renewable resources and is recyclable. [Eco-smart cartons are part of Bandit’s branding focus—ed.]

bc: Despite strides—and as the film shows—wine in a box still faces a certain stigma. How does Bandit counter that?

Garaventa: Consumers are becoming increasingly smart and savvy when it comes to wine. Premium box wine has been in the market for over a decade and while consumers struggled with differentiating early on, they now understand the difference. These are award-winning wines made by the “Three Thieves”—Joel Gott, Charles Bieler and Roger Scommegna—who are well-known for giving consumers high-quality wine at reasonable prices—or a “steal” as they like to say, hence the Thieves reference.

bc: Despite its depiction in Trainwreck, Bandit’s messaging focuses a lot on the outdoors. How does Bandit fit wine into an active lifestyle?

Garaventa: The 500-milliliter and 1-liter Tetra pack is perfect for taking wine on all sorts of outdoor adventures, especially where glass isn’t allowed. It’s lightweight and the twist cap not only means you don’t need to bring a corkscrew, but you can quickly and easily reseal it. You can take Bandit camping, hiking, to the beach, on the boat (if you aren’t driving), by the pool—practically everywhere. I consider my backyard an outdoor adventure.

bc: How did your work with women pro golfers come about?

Garaventa: We began our sponsorship with Emily Talley last year because we thought she was perfect as a Bandit brand ambassador. She is recognizable as a past winner on the Golf Channel’s Big Break TV series, and is an up-and-coming star of the Symetra Tour, which is the LPGA’s developmental tour. She is also a native of Napa, California. As a professional golfer, Emily is relatable to millions of golf fans who like to play golf for the health benefits, and also enjoy a nice glass of wine afterward.

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