LAN and TAM Rebrand as LATAM in a Nod to Latin America


LATAM new airline merger LAN TAM logo

Two major South American airlines have created a new brand, LATAM, from the union between LAN and TAM, and the new coral and indigo colored marque will be seen on planes traversing the Western Hemisphere beginning next year with the goal of becoming one of the top three airlines in the world.

brandchannel parent Interbrand helped São Paulo-based TAM and Santiago-based LAN create the first Latin American airline brand by taking into account not only the target audience but also “the insight that LAN and TAM symbolize two pillars of Latin American culture: a pioneering nature and a genuine interest in people,” as Interbrand stated.

“Two of the largest aviation companies in Latin America have joined forces, each with a strong and recognized brand,” said Daniella Bianchi, managing director of Interbrand São Paulo.

LATAM airline launch LAN TAM Our Universe Starts Here

The name is a hybrid of both airlines’ names, respecting each one’s roots and recognizing their successful legacies within a new brand. LATAM is also shorthand for Latin America, of course, paying tribute to the new brand’s status as a truly Latin American brand, as the airline’s new website highlights:

It’s time to meet our new brand, built upon everything we do and believe in.

From the union of the legacies of two storyful brands, to the challenge of living an unprecedented journey in the world of aviation, we have reached a unique way of being that complements itself.

We have combined our efficiency, passion for flying and genuine care for people who share this same dream. That’s how we strengthen our connections and prepare ourselves to take dreams and people always further.

Visually, the lines in the new LATAM logo “are inspired by a figurative representation of the continent’s own geography.” The choice of indigo — the intersection of red and blue, the main colors of TAM and LAN, respectively — symbolizes LATAM’s “efficiency and elegance,” while coral represents “the brand’s passion and care for their customers.”

Armin Vit reviewed the new logo favorably, commenting that “It might be one of the best airline logos I’ve seen recently and I would go as far as saying it’s one of the best corporate identity logos I’ve seen all year.”

LATAM airlines colors

As LATAM elaborates on the new visual identity, “Our colours, Indigo and Coral, represent our complementary and unique way of being: elegant on the outside, warm on the inside. Our secondary colours contribute to making our expression more diverse, without falling into stereotypes, and symbolising a region that is born from and that stands out for its rich diversity. Our palette is an extension of our Latin soul. It brings shades that represent such a lively continent. This is what LATAM proposes to the eyes of the world.”

LATAM airline poster Fly With Us - August 2015 launch LAN TAM

Interbrand conducted consumer research across 10 countries and analyzed both brands’ strengths, the impact of changes on all stakeholders, and the financial viability of various scenarios for rebranding the merged entity.

“To use only one of the two brands,” said Beto Almeida, managing director of Interbrand São Paulo, “would be to ignore the other’s strengths. Keeping both reflects a new era for the company.”

Building on the rich history of the LAN and TAM brands, LATAM has more than 1,500 flights daily, domestic passenger operations in seven countries, more than 140 passenger destinations in 24 countries with daily flights to Europe, the United States, Australia, the Caribbean and 144 cargo destinations in 26 countries.

LATAM airline logo 2015

As noted in a press release, “The new LATAM branded airline group will unite all the passenger and cargo airlines for LATAM Airlines Group: LAN Airlines and its affiliates in Peru, Argentina, Colombia and Ecuador; in addition to TAM Linhas Aereas S.A., and its subsidiary TAM Air Transport Mercosur S.A. (TAM Airlines (Paraguay), and the cargo carriers comprised of LAN CARGO, LAN CARGO Colombia, ABSA (TAM Cargo) and Mas Air.”

The rebrand also unifies the corporate parent — LATAM Airlines Group — and its properties, the release continues:  “LATAM Airlines Group is currently one of the 12 largest passenger and cargo airlines in the world. In the three years since the association of LAN and TAM important synergies have been achieved across different areas of the business and the transition to a single brand like LATAM will further facilitate the consolidation of advantages and benefits for customers, employees and shareholders and move the group towards the goal of being among the top three airlines in the world.”

Leading up to the official introduction of the LATAM airline in 2016, the related launch activities of the new airline brand will include internal engagement of airline employees and other stakeholders, a digital communication program, overhauling of “environmental identity” (lounges, gates, signage and environs) in airports and offices, new aircraft livery, new uniforms, and executions in on-board entertainment, the loyalty program and other facets of LATAM operations.

As Gonzalo Brujó, CEO of Interbrand EMEA & Latin America, commented, “strong brands are not built overnight. Changes in the airline industry are particularly complex and there is still a process of ‘letting go’ from the previous brands, whose history is considered. But we are convinced that the result will be a top global brand, capable of uniting global excellence to the best of local culture.”

As the launch video below elaborates, “Dreams shouldn’t have limits – much less frontiers. That’s why LAN and TAM joined forces: to take dreams and people further. Learn about LATAM and take off with us in this new chapter in our history which is only beginning! #buildingLATAM


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