Brandcameo: All the Brands in the Latest Fantastic Four Movie


Fantastic Four movie 2015

The Fantastic Four franchise suffers the indignity of the worst superhero movie product placement of all time. It’s impossible that the latest movie iteration of the quartet—which is getting slammed by critics and at the box office—could conceive of a worse tie-in than the Dodge Fantasticar (“And yeah, it’s got a Hemi”) from 2007’s Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

But the 2005 and 2007 Fantastic Four films were also loaded with plenty more garish product placement. Did a decade of reflection improve things? Scroll down to check out every product placement in the latest reboot of Marvel’s Fantastic Four — but first, a look back at the franchise’s other brand tie-ins over the years.

Burger King has been a longstanding marketing partner on the Fantastic Four films. The fast food chain not only offered Fantastic Four toys, it also nabbed some flaming Burger King product placement in the film.

The new Fantastic Four is decidedly more adult in its meal choices. New movie partner Denny’s has created a Fantastic Four menu including meals such as the “Fantastic Four-Fruit Smoothie” and the Fantastic Four-Cheese Omelette. It also ran a sweepstakes (now closed).

The partnership is so strong that the stars of the film even talked up Denny’s menu at this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego.

Beyond food, Fantastic Four has also partnered with tech. Angry Birds has a special Fantastic Four promotion and mobile partner HTC released special Fantastic Four content to owners of the One. (SPOILER: The HTC model appears in the new film.)

But the first thing that might come to mind when mentioning Fantastic Four tie-ins is the Dodge Fantasticar. Part of a partnership for the 2007 sequel of the original Fantastic Four films, Dodge was the badge on the superhero team’s famous transportation. The deal even included a Fantastic Four-themed Dodge NASCAR car.


Meanwhile, the Fantastic Four is not new to slinging product. As with many of its most popular superheroes, Marvel pressed the four into duty throughout the years in comic book ads that today would be called branded entertainment, branded content or native advertising.

fantastic four hostess

For example, in the pages of various Marvel titles in 1981, readers could find an ad for Hostess fruit pies featuring Reed, Johnny, Sue and Ben (above).

Fantastic Four 2015

Below, every product or brand mentioned or appearing in Fantastic Four (2015):

Dr Pepper
New York Giants
New York Jets
Orange Crush


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