Denny’s Proposes ‘Peace Burger’ to Burger King After McDonald’s Snub


Denny's Peace Burger

McDonald’s and Burger King have had a long rivalry. So it didn’t come as a big surprise when Mickey D’s rejected the idea from Burger King last week that the pair sell a McWhopper at a popup store in Atlanta to celebrate World Peace Day on Sept. 21. The offer came via full-page ads placed in the New York Times and Chicago Tribune.

Now Denny’s wants in on the action. The fast-casual chain known for its Grand Slam Breakfast took out a full-page ad in USA Today Monday to tell Burger King that it would be glad to make a partnership happen, though it isn’t sure what the burger would actually be called. It did come up with a few ideas in the ad and on Twitter: the Slammper? Whammper? Whoppaslamus-rex? The Slopper?

McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook rejected Burger King’s idea via Facebook, indicating that did not look kindly on BK’s playing of the “friendly business competition” as anything close to the “unequaled circumstances of the real pain and suffering of war.” He suggested the pair use their combined power do something “bigger to make a difference” and suggested in his P.S. that “a simple phone call will do next time.”

McDonald's to Burger King on Facebook

Denny’s is apparently not so worried about rivalries and war comparisons. It would like to combine its 880-calorie Slamburger with the Whopper. Another fast-food chain, Atlanta-based Krystal, known for its sliders, would also like to partner up to create a tiny Whopper called the Kropper, the Wystal or the Tiny King.

Burger King hasn’t responded to Denny’s or Krystal, Ad Age reports.

Your move, BK.