Uber Joins Airbnb in Creating Branded Content as Magazine Publishers


Uber Arriving Now

As marketers struggle to gain their customers’ attention, magazine platforms have become a foothold for companies like Uber or Airbnb to develop branded content. Captive audience, curated product—the airlines have been doing it for years.

Uber debuted its first-ever in-car magazine, Arriving Now, to coincide with Fashion Week in NYC, while Airbnb published its first member issue of Pineapple last winter.

Uber Arriving Now

Uber detailed the launch of Arriving Now in a blog post:

“In celebration of Fashion Week (which kicks off today in NYC), Arriving Now’s first edition is packed with pro tips, hotspots, and exclusive details about upcoming promotions. You may also recognize cover girl Olivia Palermo, one of NYC’s more influential fashionistas, who dishes on her favorite shops, trends, and love of New York inside Arriving Now.”

Uber Momentum

Back in March, Uber rolled out a quarterly publication for its drivers called Momentum, with articles on health and wellness, a spotlight on new Uber-city Austin, Texas, and insider tips from a long-time Uber driver. Issue 2 rolled out in July.

Airbnb’s quarterly magazine Pineapple is available to hosts over 30,000 cities across 192 countries. It is sold in bookstores and retailers in North American and Europe.

Pineapple publisher Christopher Lukezic said the idea to create a glossy travel magazine arose from a desire to capture the unique nature of traveling through Airbnb. “The primary audience for the magazine is our community around the world who want to experience cities in new ways. It gets under the skin of cities in a way that people really desire these days.”

Airbnb Pineapple

Lukezic is bullish on Pineapple being about “connections that our community makes in the environments where they live or travel. For us, print was the perfect medium to tell these stories. I think it’s a complete misnomer to say that print is dead. Without being too precious, print is still the best medium for telling stories in words and photographs. Just as the screen is great for interactivity and video.”

As everything old becomes new again, magazines are still read being and valued in a wired world with virtually limitless options. At least, Pineapple and Arriving Now are branded bets hoping that is the case.


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