Burger King and Four Brands Unite for Peace Day Burger—Minus McDonald’s


Burger King Peace Burger

McDonald’s wanted nothing to do with the Peace Day Burger that Burger King proposed a few weeks back when it asked its rival for a one-day cease fire. Mickey D’s said it wasn’t right to compare its business competition with Burger King to the horrors of actual warfare.

Four other brands were happy to jump in, though, and the #PeaceDayBurger will be eaten by consumers on Monday, September 21—the day the United Nations has declared to be one of nonviolence and ceasefire. The burger is a combination of Burger King’s Whopper, Denny’s Bacon Slamburger, Wayback Burgers‘ Wayback Classic, Krystal’s Cheese Krystal and the Brutus burger from Giraffas Brazilian Grill.

Only 1,500 of them will be made and they’ll be served for free in a pop-up shop in Atlanta, which was originally picked because it was halfway between Burger King’s headquarters in Miami, Florida, and McDonald’s HQ in Oak Brook, Illinois.

Each company involved will also donate to Peace One Day, a nonprofit that aims to expose 3 billion people to the concept by 2016, CNN reports.

“We were overwhelmed by the goodwill of our fellow restaurateurs, and believe that working with them to create this once-in-a-lifetime burger is a beautiful twist of fate,” said Fernando Machado, Burger King SVP for Global Brand Management, as reported by Nation’s Restaurant News.

With only a few days left, Burger King is still leaving the door open for McDonald’s to join. “As far as McDonald’s goes, any activity they undertake, whether in partnership with Burger King or on their own, would be incredible, as it will raise further awareness for Peace Day,” says Machado.