Not Shaken, Not Stirred: Heineken Stars in New Bond ‘Spectre’ Campaign


Heineken James Bond

If James Bond producers are to be believed, Heineken is the best beer available. That’s the logical conclusion to draw from the new Heineken campaign crafted around the upcoming Bond movie, Spectre.

Because while the Bond star (Daniel Craig) and Spectre producers felt Bond was too good to use a Sony smartphone, they are fine with him drinking Heineken.

Heineken’s new Bond campaign is centered around a short video, “The Chase.” It’s a farcical version of Bond in which Peter Sellers’ Bond (1967’s Casino Royale) would be comfortable. (Benny Hill as Q.) The title alone is uninspired and uncommunicative. (The use of “The Chase” goes back more than a decade to the Clive Owen BMW Films short film of the same name. More recently, “The Chase” was a 2015 branded short film for real estate agency Century 21.)

Heineken’s film is 90 seconds long and “stars” Bond actor Daniel Craig, even through Craig is on screen for only about 8 seconds of that time. But that is 8 seconds longer than in Sony’s recent “Made For Bond” short film—which also could have been titled “The Chase.” Thanks to Sony’s email leak, the world now knows that Craig and his cohorts were of the opinion that “Bond only uses the ‘best,’ and… the Sony phone is not the ‘best.’” But 8 seconds seems enough, as numerous global media reported the ad “starring” Craig.

Ironically enough, Heineken’s spot for the last Bond film, Skyfall, could easily also have been titled “The Chase” instead of “The Express.”

Heineken is calling its new Bond campaign its “most innovative ever” because it consists of more than a video titled “The Chase.” To further promote its Spectre tie-in, Heineken is “taking the world’s first-ever selfie from space”—the first ever “Spyfie.”

It’s doing this in partnership with Urthecast and its Deimos satellite, currently orbiting 600 kilometers above the earth. The satellite will photograph lucky Spectre premiere attendees: “The Spyfie content will be bespoke for each attendee of the top secret experiential event, and will be sent to their mobile devices for use on social media.” It’s a far more ambitious promo than Heineken’s last Bond Facebook-based effort.

While Bond has only helped market Sony gear for about a decade now, the character’s relationship with Heineken is now old enough for the secret agent to legally seduce and bed. Heineken’s first Bond partnership involved 1997’s Tomorrow Never Dies. A charming early Heineken Bond commercial featured guys around the world actually named James Bond (shades of Taco Bell’s 2014 guys named Ronald McDonald stunt.)

And before Idris Alba being “too street” to be the next Bond sparked controversy, there was Heineken. Especially in the new “grittier” Daniel Craig Bond era, fans have had trouble accepting Bond as a Heineken drinker. Late film critic icon Roger Ebert even took to Twitter in 2012 to get angry about Bond and the beer despite the partnership going back 15 years before that.

Ebert may be right or wrong about Bond drinking Heineken. But the beer should be getting more out of its partnership (2012 we stated as much) and it seems the older the partnership gets, the less Heineken gets.


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