‘Last’ Woman Running: Nike Recalls ‘Find Your Greatness’ With New Spot


Nike Last commercial running women marathon 2015

Nike was nominated for an Emmy for its “Find Your Greatness” commercial that became better known as “The Jogger” (watch below), which featured 12-year-old Nathan Sorrell, a then-overweight boy huffing and puffing his way through a run, in a spot that was timed to the London 2012 Summer Olympics.

Nike Last commercial Sept 2015 runner running marathon woman overweight

Now the director of that spot, Lance Acord, plus Nike agency W+K are back with an unofficial follow-up to that spot and another ode to perseverance: “Last,” a new commercial for Nike that appeals to its Nike Women and Nike Running audiences.

The new ad reinforces the brand’s iconic “Just Do It” tagline and the “we are all athletes” philosophy with a voiceover (by actress Rooney Mara) encouraging the struggling first-time marathoner and any prospective runners viewing the spot: “You are not a runner/ You are especially not a marathon runner. But at the end of this, you will be.”

Nike Last commercial marathon woman runner 2015

It’s the “untold runner’s story” of a young woman in Nike Running gear, who’s may be in last place in a marathon but she’s a winner in Nike’s view for not giving up as we see her POV: a sea of crushed water cups as cleaning crews start to sweep up the detritus of the race. Evoking “The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner,” the soundtrack is Aretha Franklin’s “Every Little Bit Hurts.”

Nike Last ad commercial race running 2015

Nike’s description of “Last”:

History hails the victor but runners who tackle races for pride and personal goals, rather than pace, are rarely recognized. As Fall marathon season is upon us, a new Nike Running film, Last, celebrates not only the last athlete who crosses the finish line, but also the imperfect journey of every runner. Anyone can be a runner; all you have to do is run.

All runners can take on their own challenges with Nike+ Run Club (NRC). NRC embodies Nike’s commitment to serve runners of all ability levels — whether they are attempting their first, fastest or farthest run — by offering access to physical and digital running sessions, in-store services, personal coaching and a motivating community. For more information, visit nike.com/NRC.

Below, a look back at its 2012 predecessor: Find Your Greatness, aka “The Jogger.”

Nike Find Your Greatness 2012 The Jogger overweight kid commercial