McDonald’s Reveals All in UK Food Quality and Transparency Campaign


McDonald's UK Good to Know Food Quality campaign

In 2012, McDonald’s answered Canadians’ burning questions about how it sourced its ingredients, including were its French fries actually French (non) or healthy (mais oui). A year later its soul-baring tour landed in Australia, where a Track My Maccas app informed Aussies about its supply chain. Then it was off to America, where in 2014 the world’s biggest burger chain offered customers a peek inside the kitchen to address such sticky topics as pink slime.

Now it’s Brits’ turn to find out where their McD’s burgers come from (yes, a cow) and if Chicken McNuggets are made from actual chickens in its “Good to Know” campaign.

The “Good to Know: Chicken” TV commercial above is complemented by the video below, which explains, “From time to time, people ask us what our Chicken McNuggets are made from. So we’ve invited blogger Emma behind the scenes to find out how McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets are made with 100% chicken breast meat. Watch this short film to find out more.”

The hope, of course, is to build trust in the brand by opening the doors for people to see exactly where its food comes from. (Taco Bell, in comparison, tried a US pop-up that targeted rivals’ employees to show how its products are made and the quality of its ingredients.)

McDonald's UK Good to Know food transparency chicken

As Britain’s Campaign points out, the message is being conveyed to consumers in TV spots featuring farmers, butchers and teachers. Naturally, there’s a website where intrigued members of the public can find out more about the quality of brand’s food, nutrition and sourcing.

While supply chain isn’t usually a consumer-facing topic, more consumers than ever are concerned about the authenticity of what they’re eating and how it affects their health, especially parents (hence the focus on social media influencers such as YouTube stars, above, and mums who blog).

McDonald's UK Good to Know food quality transparency French fries potatoes

One thing McDonald’s UK is making extra sure that all Brits know is that its French fries and hash browns come solely from good old British potatoes—not France, despite the name. Britain had previously accounted for 87% of the potatoes used in the brand’s fries, but now make up 100%. (That’s a lot of spuds, monsieur.) See more in its “Good to Know: Fries” advert below:


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