Bacardi Creates the Ultimate House Party in Omnichannel Campaign


Bacardi House Party

It’s the ultimate millennial fantasy, we’re told: careening down the highway, surrounded by dozens of peers, in a full-size house fully stocked with Bacardi rum. And so it’s depicted as the centerpiece 30-second TV commercial in a new campaign from the Bermuda-based distiller under the title, “There’s Nothing in the Way.”

In the ad—titled “The Truck”—the moveable house party rolls across the fruited plain and into one city after another with obvious fun and frolic, not to mention plenty of spirit and attractive twenty-somethings on board. Millennial bystanders hear or see the house rolling through town and naturally catch up to hop on board.

The TV spot is “an authentic take on a millennial’s world, capturing the energy of their life,” Bacardi said in a press release. “It’s styled similar to a movie trailer, giving the audience a sneak peek to the brand world and house party occasion, then leaving you wanting to see and learn more.”

The tagline “There’s Nothing in the Way” is “a tribute to the brand’s history and irrepressible spirit, as well as a shout out to those who are busting through and overcoming obstacles in the real world, adds the press release.

Bacardi House Party

The #BacardiHouseParty campaign also includes online and mobile activations, media partnerships and even “real-world house parties where consumers are central to the brand experience,” Bacardi said. The parties and musical performances kick off on Halloween in Philadelphia, then pop up in Washington, DC, Atlanta and Miami.

Explained Mauricio Vergara, North American CMO for Bacardi, “We want to fuel that modern-day hustle. Our heritage and history is very important to us, and we wanted to create something where consumers feel like we can be part of their story and they can be part of ours. That’s why the ad isn’t overly stylized or overly ad-like.”

In an interview with Ad Age, Vergara added, “We have one of the most iconic brands in the industry, but over the last few years we were not really connecting as effectively as we could with our target consumers and the new millennial.”

One of the keys to attracting the new millennial—great music, as Bacardi tweeted:


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