A Monster Round-Up of Brands’ Halloween 2015 Ads and Pranks


Starbucks Frappula frappuccino Halloween 2015

Halloween is the second-largest consumer holiday in the US. According to estimates, revelers will spend $7 billion this year on candy, costumes and spooky creature comforts.

We’ve already looked at what American Apparel is doing. Now, take a look at what other brands are doing to scare up business this Halloween:

This combo Pizza Hut-Pepsi branded video short is titled “How to Win at Halloween” but it should be titled “How to Win at Branded Content.”

IHOP stacks up on Halloween:

BTW, paralympian Josh Sundquist already made the greatest IHOP Halloween costume of all time. (IHOP was not involved, Sundquist says.)

In the UK, Tesco is offering shoppers a “Spookermarket” …

… while Sainsbury’s touts a spooky speaker app:

Burger King‘s Whopper bun isn’t just black—it’s also flavored with A1 steak sauce.

Kmart‘s “It’s not Weird” spots are dead-on perfect:

Snickers talks with a master pumpkin carver as part of its Halloween commitment that includes making one of the greatest Halloween commercials of all time.

DIY your costume with Cotton, says The Fabric Of Our Lives™.

Starbucks is out for blood (as in “I vant… to suck… your Frappuccino!”)

Walmart taps into the popularity of DIY videos with this how-to video:

UFC thinks ultimate fight phenom Rhonda Rousey is the scariest costume.

Gorilla Glue isn’t a brand you would think of for viral Halloween ads. And yet, Gorilla’s latest one-minute video has over 4.3 million views:

Real estate brokerage Coldwell Banker goes for the feels:

Diabetes UK promotes “Dress Diabolical” campaign:

This may be a spec ad for Skittles but it’s downright creepy:

This Halloween commercial for Sonic features corn dogs and fear.

Chipotle brings back its annual Boo-rito Halloween promotion:

As resale retail chain Savers proves, sometimes the best ad budget is no ad budget.

The integrated marketing continues with Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s Butterfinger ad sketch:

Target won kudos for casting a disabled model in its flyer, its virtual reality tie-in and fun candy-seeking app Treatster:

Also on Twitter, is there anything more terrifying than “Give me a Malibu Black?”

After sneaking in a Goosebumps tie-in, Coca-Cola reiterates story of a haunted Seattle Coke machine.

A party foul by Trader Joe’s?

At Walgreens, do visual puns count as tricks or treats?

Finally, enjoy a bonus video of Boris Karloff selling Butter-Nut coffee in 1966. *shudder*


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