Wix Taps DreamWorks For Super Bowl Ad: 5 Questions with CMO Omer Shai



One returning Super Bowl advertiser may reap the blessings of good timing provided by the departure of another. Web-development platform Wix.com is coming back to Big Game advertising after last year’s initial TV ad even as one of its chief rivals as a digital brand for the Super Bowl stage, GoDaddy.com, announced it’s dropping out after a decade.

Initially going for memorability with ads featuring risqué themes and Danica Patrick, lately GoDaddy has settled into more conventional modes for its Big Game ads. And finally, a company spokeswoman told AdAge, the company decided to sit out as a function of its ongoing shift away from “high-level domestic brand awareness to a more personalized, data-driven marketing approach.”

Wix.com is happy to have an emptier stage for its own web-development pitch. For its second consecutive Super Bowl appearance in Super Bowl 50, Wix.com decided to forego the traditional client-agency route, choosing DreamWorks Animation as the creative promotional partner to produce the Super Bowl spot and all other campaign creatives.

“Collaborating on a Super Bowl commercial with DreamWorks Animation is a can’t-miss opportunity,” Wix CMO Omer Shai told brandchannel. “How can you pass on working with the best creative minds available on the world’s biggest advertising stage?”

Shai added, “What we have in common is the same, easy-going, fun-loving culture—and because of that, the campaign we create will seamlessly bring together the messages of both in a way that’s entertaining and useful for the consumer. It’s also a move that hasn’t really been done before, and going out-of-the-box for a creative partner will give us an edge come Super Bowl Sunday.”

brandchannel talked with Shai about Wix, the Super Bowl and GoDaddy’s departure:

bc: A decade ago, digital companies began experimenting with the Super Bowl but lately has it become a friendlier environment for brands like yours. What has changed?

Omer Shai Wix.com

Omer Shai: Today people work, socialize and experience life online. This gave rise to tech companies whose products allow everyone to benefit from technology and harness the power of the web. Companies that have been able to showcase what technology can do for the everyday consumer will continue to find a beneficial stage in the mass reach that Super Bowl advertising delivers.

bc: What have you learned from participants in your general space that have advertised in the Super Bowl, such as GoDaddy?

Shai: GoDaddy utilized the Super Bowl stage in a remarkable way. It went for a “shock and awe” effect and its risqué commercials got it tons of attention. Super Bowl advertising is what amped up the brand, turning the company into a household name and into the player that is most associated with domain hosting.

While we want to present our brand in a memorable way to a mass audience, like all other Super Bowl advertisers, it was important for us to create a campaign that truly reflects not only our products but also our company culture. We wanted people to watch our spot and immediately understand that Wix allows anyone to easily bring their business online and have fun while doing it. This approach worked wonders for us last year, and we’ll be taking a similar direction for Super Bowl 50.


bc: How do you balance the need for big impact in the game, which you had last year in part because of your timing, with your desire to stretch your exposure over the weeks before and after the Super Bowl ad with digital media?

Shai: It’s a tricky balance, but the key is to treat the commercial itself as only one—albeit a very important one—piece of the puzzle. Last year, instead of just creating an ad we launched a cross-platform campaign under the #ItsThatEasy hashtag. Well before Super Bowl Sunday, as we slowly built up the campaign, we simultaneously launched elaborate presences on social media and the web for the stars of our commercials [retired football stars Brett Favre, Emmitt Smith and Terrell Owens] and to engage with consumers and build buzz around the commercial and Wix itself.

In the weeks leading up to the game, we held contests and social media promotions to ensure that even with the flood of commercials consumers were exposed to during the Super Bowl, it positioned our brand to stay top of mind.


bc: What are you thinking about the timing of this year’s ad and when you will insert it into the game?

Shai: Last year we aired our ad toward the end of the 4th quarter. We were extremely lucky in that the Patriots’ interception immediately preceded our spot, ensuring that a whopping 115 million people tuned in to watch [our ad]. This year we’re looking forward to airing our ad during the 3rd quarter, but plan on creating a fun, enjoyable and effective campaign that will make a lasting impact no matter how the game goes.


bc: What do you about GoDaddy dropping out of the Super Bowl for the first time in 10 years?

Shai: Every company makes its own decision whether a Super Bowl commercial or campaign will deliver the ROI necessary to make it a worthy endeavor. After 10 years of making a huge splash by leveraging its Super Bowl spots, it sounds as if GoDaddy has decided it would rather progress in a different direction and take its promotional efforts to other venues and markets.

For us, last year’s Super Bowl debut was an amazing experience that introduced the Wix brand to millions of households. This year we plan on using our investment to bring new creative ideas forward and solidify Wix as the go-to platform for online business development and management.

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