CES 2016: From Drones to 3D Printers, Polaroid Is Full of Surprises


Polaroid CES 2016

Five years after Polaroid made its big comeback at CES with Lady Gaga for street cred help, it is opening eyeballs again at this year’s event with some unexpected products such as a 3D printer, the Snap smartphone (one of two new unlocked smartphones), an in-car dashcam, and its first drone—which is already available (exclusively) in Europe—as part of the drone barrage at CES this year.

Polaroid 3D printer CES 2016

The 3D printer, billed as the first from a global lifestyle brand, is designed to be more consumer-friendly than past machines that feature hundreds of settings. The 3D printer is being promoted at CES with a “How Polaroid Are You?” contest.

Polaroid’s new Europe-only drones feature a camera with HD options available, as well as Wi-Fi-enabled models to stream video to a smartphone or tablet.

If that weren’t enough, Polaroid is launching its first line of 4K UHD LED connected TVs at CES, and this week launches a $20/year Polaroid University online photography course.

This company has certainly come a long way from the days of those James Garner/Mariette Hartley commercials.

Polaroid CES 2016

“Polaroid has become more than a household name – it has become one of the most recognizable and trusted lifestyle brands in the world,” said Polaroid President and CEO Scott W. Hardy in a press release. “This year’s CES marks the debut of an array of exciting new products. …. All of these products embody the Polaroid core values of instant sharing, fun, ease-of-use and accessibility, offering consumers a truly unique line of products and services that are distinctly Polaroid.”

Polaroid CES 2016

Polaroid also took the wraps off of the new Polaroid Snap+ instant print camera at CES 2016. Bringing a number of new features to the table, the Polaroid Snap+ will add even more fun and versatility to the instant print photography experience – an experience that is unmistakably Polaroid.

Polaroid Snap+

“Our brand’s renewed focus on product design has allowed us to bring new and exciting products — such as the Polaroid Snap+ — to market that evoke an emotional connection with our consumers,” stated Hardy. “Above all things, our brand is known for being fun and for the nostalgic instant photography experience which is our legacy. Now that we’ve reinvigorated that experience with digital technologies, its allowing Polaroid to reintroduce the idea of ‘click and print’ photography to a new generation of consumers.”

As for where Polaroid put its name on the map, instant film has been making a comeback in recent years. FujiFilm’s Instax has been a big hit with teen and tween girls, so Polaroid is trying to grab back some that market share with the rebooting of its Snap instant camera at this year’s CES with the Snap+ camera.


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