Super Bowl 50 Watch: Wix Taps Kung Fu Panda For Big Game Ad

FacebookTwitterLinkedIn Super Bowl 2016 Kung Fu Panda 3 learned some things from its first Super Bowl TV ad last year. And so in its return engagement this year, the global website development platform is turning to a popular animated character rather than retired jocks to extend its efforts after the Big Game on February 7 instead of pretty much stopping dead cold, and to pivot toward a global campaign adapting its new main partnership: the movie Kung Fu Panda 3.

Developed in collaboration with DreamWorks Animation, Wix’s ad during the third quarter of Super Bowl 50 (part of a campaign it’s calling #StartStunning) will feature characters from the upcoming Kung Fuk Panda 3  as they seek to boost recognition for Mr. Ping’s Noodles, the restaurant in the film. They embark on a series of “out of the box” marketing activities but quickly realize the key to success is simply creating a Wix website.

The pitch: “ teams up with Kung Fu Panda for their 2016 Big Game Campaign. Watch Po try some extreme marketing to promote Mr. Ping’s Noodles (please don’t try this at home). Luckily Master Shifu is here to tell him that it all starts with a stunning website.”

“Even if you’re not a Dragon Warrior” from the movie, said CMO Omer Shai in a news release, “with Wix you can effectively  use the web to grow your business or brand. And that starts with a stunning web site.”

Wix this week released the first of four teasers planned before the game in a pre-Super Bowl ramp-up similar to what it executed last year. Kung Fu Panda 3 Super Bowl 2016

But this year, as communications head Vered Avrahami tells brandchannel, instead of using social media to promote websites that Wix built for fictional businesses “owned” by the ex-NFL stars (such as for legendary wide receiver Jerry Rice’s “bakery,” Humble Pie), the company “will focus our commercial activities around the message of a stunning website” and associate mostly with Wix channels and Kung Fu Panda channels.

“We’ll have less content than last year, but it’ll be more tailored and more connected. It’s easier to keep it more cohesive that way.”

Althought last year the web design platform simply ran its Super Bowl ad and worked social media on behalf of the fictional sites for a couple more weeks, this year the Tel Aviv-based brand will approach things differently. For one thing, it will run a different ad, with a similar theme, in the days immediately following the Big Game.

Also, Avrahami said, “The creative will go longer” after the Super Bowl “because Kung Fu Panda is a global brand and is very recognizable not only in the US but also outside the US. So we’ll continue our campaign in different geographies, tailoring it to those different markets.”

Overall, she said, “Last year was an amazing debut” for Wix in the Super Bowl, “and we were able to introduce the brand to millions of households. This year, we plan to use our investment to bring new creative ideas and solidify wix as the go-to platform.”

Below, watch more of the brand’s Super Bowl #StarStunning campaign: