‘This Is Happy’: 5 Questions With Happy Family Founder Shazi Visram


Happy Family

Happy Family has been one big happy family since Shazi Visram launched her organic baby-food company a decade ago, saw it succeed, broadened the brand to toddler and even adult products and was rewarded when more than 90 percent of the company was acquired by Danone in 2013.

And now, as its 10th anniversary nears this spring, Happy Family is launching a new brand campaign under the rubric, “This is Happy,” including a video that represents its most ambitious branded-content effort to date. It’s a way to “celebrate the unique moments, both big and small, that capture the essence of happiness,” the company said. The 90-second video shows scenes of parents interacting with their kids and includes moments of happiness, frustration, learning and reflection.

“In a big-picture sense, our brand is about happiness, and what we wanted to do was to create a montage of happiness,” Visram, who has remained head of Happy Family, told brandchannel. “Also, we have a lot of things going on this year, and ‘This is …’ is the way we will introduce many of our efforts. You’ll see it used in a number of ways.”

Visram talked with brandchannel about the new video and campaign and how Happy Family is getting on:

bc: Why have you taken this step in a strategic sense? 

Shazi Visram Happy Family

Shazi Visram: Especially in family life, everyone in the world wants to be happy—that’s our No. 1 goal. And in family life, that can happen in random moments. So it’s nice to step back and celebrate the beauty of life, but also in a way that realizes it’s not always picture-perfect sunshine and rainbows. The brand connection is that happiness and health kind of go hand in hand, and from a family perspective, we’re there to supply the right nourishment.

It can be confusing when brands have various taglines, and it can be frenetic for moms shopping in the store—who is what and how are they different. This year, we wanted to make it very clear who we are and keep it very simple. So we adopted the phrase, “This is …” Each little vignette in the video is a chance to show a “This is …” moment in life. It’s a perfect medium to emphasize moments of happiness and to get into real family life. It’s not perfect all the time—sometimes it’s painful, sometimes you’re mad at your kid. But ultimately this is life, and that’s the spirit behind the campaign.

You’ll also see a lot of social media with “This is …” messaging. For instance, we’ll be introducing our employees and the people who work at Happy. There’s something very simple and transparent, clean and open about “This is ….”

Happy Family

bc: And why a video?

Visram: We thought we would try our hand at video production because video just grabs people by the heart, and we’re working with a great agency and had a concept for launching this campaign. So you hear, “This is …” repeated throughout the video. It’s a way to say we are who we are. On Mother’s Day we’ll be celebrating our tenth anniversary, and from a brand perspective, I think it’s so important that consumers know who you are and why you do what you do.

bc: I noticed in the video that there really don’t seem to be any Happy products. Why?

Visram: I think there is one little clip where a boy is teasing his mom because she looks so tired, and she might be putting a [Happy Baby] pouch away. But we wanted to focus on the moments and the emotion of them. It wasn’t about product. In a sense, it’s a lifestyle. We see ourselves as somewhat of a lifestyle brand. It’s not about pushing product all the time but about pushing happiness and the health that goes with it.

Happy Family

bc: Will this video yield a TV ad as well?

Visram: I would love to do it but from a budget perspective, it’s very difficult to make TV worthwhile. Besides, more and more moms and dads are watching [branded] videos on their phones and online. We’re a value-oriented brand and we are going for maximum reach with the internet.

bc: What kind of reaction have you gotten from the people at Danone?

Visram: They love it. The people we work with there are very impressed that we were able to create something so authentic and brainy and real. It’s so hard. It’s a big production but we kept it real.

Happy Family

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