Oreo Celebrates Cupcake-Flavored Cookies with VR Experience


Oreo Cupcake Filled Cookie

Oreo is upping the ante on VR advertising with a 360-degree look inside the Oreo Wonder Vault that inspired filled, cupcake-flavored OREO cookies.

Oreo parent company Mondelēz was an early entrant in the burgeoning virtual reality social media space, but this marks the company’s first branded VR content shared with fans on social media. For the best experience, the brand recommends using a Google Headset.

When Facebook started testing 360-degree video ads with a handful of brands last year including AT&T, Samsung and Nestle, Mondelēz created a US holiday campaign for Ritz crackers with a 360-degree video showing a single family’s holiday party over a 40-year span, capturing smaller moments a traditional camera may have missed.

The Oreo Wonder Vault was introduced last month as the epicenter of cookie exploration for taste-testing before new flavors are released to a world hungry for innovative treats like hello Birthday Cake or calling all Marshmallow Crispy lovers.

Oreo teased the newest combo of two favorite desserts—cupcakes and cookies—earlier this month in New York at a Wonder Vault pop-up, painting the front of a warehouse garage door Oreo blue, carving out a lifesize cookie door, and enticing curious confectioners to open the portal, pull a lever and sample the cookies sliding down a conveyer belt.

As VR continues to be a hot topic with brands and consumers, Oreo is characteristically ahead of the pack in incorporating the latest medium for maximum impact.