Brand News: CVS, Volkswagen, Whole Foods and More


CVS Health #BeTheFirst be the first tobacco-free generation March 2016 campaign


CVS Health announces $50 million #BeTheFirst campaign to extend anti-tobacco commitment and encourage more young people to quit (or not take up) smoking.

Volkswagen US CEO Michael Horn is ousted and dealers are “alarmed.”

Apple warns of surveillance state if the FBI wins encryption case.

Whole Foods expands partnerships, signing NYC’s by CHLOE. as first vendor at 365 by Whole Foods Market in LA, inking rooftop solar system deal with Elon Musk’s SolarCity and NRG and expanding US relationship with Instacart.

YouTube co-founder Steve Chen launches Nom, a livestreaming hub for foodies, with funding from Ming Tsai, Jared Leto and Korean pop star Psy.


Ben & Jerry’s introduces three dessert-inspired Core flavors.

dotEarth .earth domain gains momentum ahead of Earth Day.

Dr. Praeger’s refreshes its brand and product line, including kale for kids.

Facebook buys face-swapping app Masquerade, Zuckerberg announces as Iron Man.

Google‘s DeepMind beats Lee Se-dol again in historic Go series.

JetBlue launches co-branded MasterCard with Barclaycard.

Marriott commits to Made in the USA towels and bathmats.

Nest devices get smarter at at assisting home owners.

Office DepotStaples intended merger can’t get past regulatory hurdles.

Poo-Pourri sues RB‘s British product as copycat.

Twitter hands out cash and stock to retain jittery staff.

& Wearable tech is coming to hospital patients.


Hilton taps Derek Hough for Our Stage Your Story dream getaway vision board creator.

Kelloggs Special K launches Nourish line with Tracee Ellis Ross salute to strong women.

Pizza Hut partners with Princeton math professor for National Pi Day contest.

Taco Bell introduces one-dollar breakfast menu in US to combat McDonald’s.

Taco Bell dollar breakfast

Timberland uses Betabrand crowdsourcing to invite fans to design their own boots.

Unilever‘s #100PorCientoTu marketing campaign promotes brands to US Hispanics.

Veuve Clicquot releases short films for first digital ad campaign, Let Life Surprise You:

Ziploc touts cost savings of bringing lunch with online money-saving calculator.

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