A Vote of Confidence: Brands and #HouseOfCards


Netflix House of Cards Frank Underwood

On Friday, March 4th, Netflix released the fourth season of House of Cards. The widely popular series debuted in 2013 and was the first of many Netflix-originals, spurring a new era in content creation and consumption. Four years later, binge-watching and original online content are the TV norm, and the Emmy-winning House of Cards remains the crown jewel in the Netflix lineup.

Fittingly, the political drama was released amidst the frenzy of our own real-world presidential campaign. In a clever marketing play, Netflix developed a spoof campaign in support of the show’s central character, the formidable President Frank Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey.

House of Cards Netflix Shirts

Along with Netflix-produced content, “Underwood 2016” merchandise is selling at Target, Red Bubble and more. Fans are actively engaging in the mock campaign—allowing Underwood (and Netflix) to rally support from all sorts of viewers—brands included.

Over the weekend, brands came out on social media to engage with the show’s sizable audience, tweeting at Netflix or with #HouseOfCards and #FU2016 (Underwood’s tongue-in-cheek campaign hashtag).

Here are some of the brands that took part in the binge-watching weekend and showed their support, complete with a special House of Cards logo emoji.


Mercedes-Benz USA:

App Store: 

Bon Appetit Magazine:



Twitter Video: 

Elite Daily: 


Riot Fest:

NVIDIA GeForce: 

Google Cast:


AMD Laptop:


Atlanta Falcons:

Atlanta Braves: 

The National Lottery:


You can watch seasons 1-4 of House of Cards on Netflix.


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