Stella Artois Be Legacy Campaign Bows to Fiery Cofounder Isabella Artois


Stella Artois Isabella spot Be Legacy

Stella Artois, the Belgian brewer that’s turning 600 years old , is moving ahead with its “Be Legacy” campaign that celebrates its heritage and history with a look at namesake founders Sebastian—who added his name to the beer in 1717—and Isabella Artois, his widow who took over and ran the brewery.

Stella Artois Isabella Be Legacy

Following on the first look at Sebastian that was released on March 14th, the AB InBev-owned beer-maker released its ode to Isabella, “the Shatterer of Glass Ceilings,” on YouTube.

While it’s a tough day for its homeland, like its determined cofounders, the show must go on. How Isabella is introduced: “Meet Isabella Artois, the unexpected brewmaster who saved our beer. She left her mark, defying expectations by taking over the brewery. #BeLegacy

The tagline: “What do you want to be remembered for?”

Here’s the earlier history of the brand’s namesake “brewmaster and risk-taker” Sebastian Artois:

As Todd Allen, global vice president of Stella Artois, commented on the entrepreneurial couple: “You can only have a Legacy when you leave something for the next generation to enjoy. But it’s not just about fame; it’s about creating something tangible that others can appreciate.”

“Sebastian and Isabella Artois both made decisions that had a huge impact on Stella Artois’ history and success that is still being enjoyed today. Although these events took place centuries ago, their stories show a determination and ability to break through barriers that are still very relevant and inspiring for people today.”

The campaign includes premium new packaging “which incorporates the story of the brand’s rich 600 year brewing heritage, traced back to the original Den Hoorn brewery in the town of Leuven, Belgium. New features of the bottle include a new elegant shape and the Stella Artois horn – a symbol of the original Den Hoorn brewery, prominently embossed for a more premium look and feel.”

As part of its ongoing support for, the brand is also celebrating World Water Day today with cofounder Matt Damon, including a limited edition chalice that will support clean water in the developing world, including Haiti. The sustainability campaign’s Legacy-like tagline: “Leave Your Mark.”

The campaign description: “Every day, over 669 million women and their families in the developing world lack access to clean water. Stella Artois has partnered with Water.Org to provide these women and their families with clean water. Every limited edition chalice purchased helps provide clean water for 5 years. Learn how you can leave your mark at”


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