Honey Maid Campaign Equates ‘Wholesome’ with Acceptance


Honey Maid

Honey Maid crackers has used “This Is Wholesome” as a tagline for three years, but now the Mondelez-owned brand is trying to give the concept a whole new meaning: social tolerance and acceptance of cultural and lifestyle diversity.

In a new evolution of the campaign that includes four 30-second TV ads, one of which will air on TV, Honey Maid depicts a Caucasian family bonding with a Muslim family who moves in next door, a boy talking about his adopted brother, a Hispanic father talking about his gay son and son-in-law, and a wife talking about her disabled veteran husband.

In the Muslim-acceptance themed ad, a mother is worried about how her family will be accepted in the neighborhood because of what people “hear on the news.” But thanks to an accepting attitude, the two girls’ friendship, and the bridging device of Honey Maid graham crackers and some strawberries, the moms become fast friends.

“We’re encouraging Americans to view the world through the eyes of acceptance—and remember that no matter how families might change, just like our products, what makes them wholesome remains the same,” said Katrina Plummer, equity brand manager for Honey Maid.

“Wholesome” is an interesting term to apply to all manners of acceptance, but Mondelez means to drive it home by creating a “Wholesome Button”—an app that can be added to a browser bookmarks bar by dragging it off the web page and into a bookmarks folder. It can then be clicked to “Wholesomize” content on screens, meaning to replace images and headlines with content “celebrating love, heartwarming family connections and acceptance,” as the brand put it.

“This tool truly allows users to view the internet through the lens of acceptance and positivity, something that is part of our brand DNA,” Plummer said. “By giving people the opportunity to connect with our campaign and share a reimagined world, we hope to bring wholesome families closer together, invite people to think about acceptance in their own lives and even start a dialogue with someone within their own family or community that they have struggled to accept.”

Certainly a graham cracker is more or less synonymous with wholesomeness—at least as a comfort food. But this is a tall order Honey Maid has set for itself. And is acceptance really synonymous with wholesomeness, or is it something else?

While you’re thinking about that, pass the crackers.