Aunt Flo Pays a Visit in Kimberly-Clark x HelloFlo Collaboration


Aunt Flo HelloFlo Kimberly-Clark Kotex Poise

Kimberly-Clark’s U by Kotex and Poise brands have partnered with HelloFlo on a year-long campaign targeting women with humor and authenticity.

In the new campaign, Aunt Flo, dressed in red from hat to toe, is just what you’d imagine: a larger-than-life character signaling a rite of passage for women at both ends of the age spectrum.

“By teaming up with HelloFlo, not only are we helping more women receive customized feminine care solutions that are just right for them, we’re also connecting, entertaining and engaging a wider audience of women with real, relatable content created in concert with a partner who understands them as well as we do,” said Melissa Dennis, U by Kotex senior brand manager, Kimberly-Clark, in a press release.

Aunt Flo is part of the HelloFlo marketing effort that includes feminine care boxes, digital content and video devoted to promoting health and empowerment for women and girls, and normalizing the conversation around women’s bodies.

To that end, “First Timer,” “Menstrual Maven” and “Mom to Be” kits are available on

“We’re mostly known for our videos, but our editorial is also a fit for young women, millennials and moms,” Naama Bloom, HelloFlo Founder, told brandchannel in a recent interview.

Last month SheKnows Media, a leading women’s media company with 81 million-plus unique visitors per month and 275 million social media fans and followers, acquired HelloFlo.

Aunt Flo HelloFlo Kimberly-Clark Kotex Poise

“We’ve had great engagement—but our community is small. We needed to grow,” says Bloom. “I believe that advertising and branded content can be great. I took a category many people would agree felt uninspired a few years ago and interjected real, meaningful conversations that help brands and drive positive conversations. And there are so many categories we can do this for.”

SheKnows Media’s SVP Integrated Marketing, Samantha Skey, told brandchannel at the time, “We’re a lifestyle media company and branded content served in native format is a very important part of the value proposition for big advertisers like Unilever, Coca-Cola, Kimberly-Clark. The trend is increasing and marketers are looking to do more.”

Regarding Aunt Flo, Skey said, “We are thrilled to partner with the U by Kotex and Poise brands as we continue to offer unique, inspirational and entertaining solutions and content for women, at every age and every stage.”

Kimberly-Clark is well positioned to deliver content that empowers and entertains women in conversations that are just now becoming mainstream.


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