Arianna Huffington Wants You To Sleep — And Brands to Tuck You In


JetBlue napping sleep pads JFK airport

You’ve no doubt by now heard about Arianna Huffington’s new go-t0-bed book, The Sleep Revolution. What you may not have heard about is the plethora of brands working with the tired-yet-tireless founder of The Huffington Post.

The book, it turns out, is a platform that demonstrates the power of brand partnerships for Huffington, a hall mark of HuffPost and her approach to book marketing.

Check out the Huffington Post’s Sleep Revolution PSAs (with Uber) below and the slew of brand partnerships as noted in the book’s press release, including Sleep Number as the mattress brand partner and JetBlue’s free napping pods (a branded EnergyPod by MetroNaps) for passengers at New York’s JFK Airport.

JetBlue MetroNaps sleep napping pod JFK airport New York April 2016

While they may be a germophobe’s nightmare and look like something out of Woody Allen’s Sleeper, there are now four of the pods available at JFK’s Terminal 5 for tired travelers needing some pre-flight ZZZZ’s to check out for themselves.

Arianna Huffington - The Sleep Revolution book 2016New York — The Huffington Post has launched a global sleep campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of sleep deprivation and the ways sleep can improve nearly every aspect of our lives. HuffPost and Arianna Huffington have partnered with leading brands in the health and wellness space and beyond to give people the tools they need to get a better night’s sleep.

The Huffington Post has a long-standing editorial focus on sleep, launching a dedicated sleep section in 2007 and installing nap rooms in the newsroom in 2011. Today, Arianna launches her new book, THE SLEEP REVOLUTION: Transforming Your Life, One Night at a Time on the science, history and mystery of sleep. In the book, Arianna illustrates a global sleep deprivation crisis and shows the crucial role that sleep plays in our every waking moment. And she spotlights the golden age of sleep science we’re living in. Each week, new research reveals how vital sleep is to our health, productivity, relationships, our happiness — and even our weight, physical appearance and sex lives.

But to Arianna, THE SLEEP REVOLUTION is more than just a book; it’s a cause. She and The Huffington Post are committed to changing the conversation around sleep and countering the collective delusion that burnout is the price we must pay in order to succeed. Here are the brands we’re partnering with to help spread the message.


The Huffington Post, in partnership with Uber and Toyota, is spearheading a campaign to generate awareness around the dangers of drowsy driving. Lack of sleep can lead to cognitive impairment that’s as dangerous as driving drunk. Drowsy driving is tied to 1.2 million car crashes per year, and results in up to 500,000 injuries and 8,000 deaths. Through collaboration with road safety advocates, this movement aims to get drowsy people out of the driver’s seat.

In addition to activating policymakers and government officials, the campaign includes dedicated PSAs (above and below), sleep kit giveaways, and partnerships with companies committed to providing Uber rides for employees who work before or after a certain hour. Arianna and Travis Kalanick, CEO and Co-Founder of Uber, also co-authored a blog post on the topic: A Wake-Up Call to End Drowsy Driving.

Over the next month, Arianna will be carrying that message to college campuses in Denver, Las Vegas, Nashville, Chicago, the Bay Area and throughout the country. As part of the campaign, HuffPost and Uber will offer students the chance to receive a sleep tutorial and a ride along with Arianna. Uber will also be giving “sleep kits” to drivers in select markets and riders who ride with Arianna.

Toyota is committed to help everyone be safe behind the wheel and will be sponsoring thousands of free late-night rides for students across the country as part of this anti-drowsy driving campaign.

The Huffington Post and Uber are also partnering to host a pledge on against drowsy driving which launches today. Sign the pledge at


The Huffington Post, in partnership with Sleep Number, is also launching the #SleepRevolution College Tour at 50 campuses to spark a national conversation about the importance of sleep and the dangers of sleep deprivation, which is at the heart of so many stress-related mental health issues in college. Along with our brand partners below, HuffPost will host free “sleep fairs” to give students tangible tools and products to make changes in their lives and to learn better sleep habits. At many campuses, Sleep Number will feature their new it bed and talk with students about ways to improve their sleep; Sleep Number will demonstrate lack of sleep with a virtual reality experience at select campuses. Arianna and leading sleep experts will be speaking at campuses around the country, and there will be major social media campaigns, as well as sleep-themed blog posts and videos on The Huffington Post from students and professors. A list of all the colleges can be found here and a full list of partners can be found below.


Arianna is partnering with Airbnb on a contest to win a night at her apartment in Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood for the ultimate sleep experience complete with a Greek dinner and a sleep consultation from Arianna herself! To enter, readers will write what they would do better with their day if they slept better at night. The contest launches today, and you can view Arianna’s listing at


JetBlue will host a sleep panel in JFK airport on April 19 on the topic of sleep and introduce sleep pods. The panel will include Arianna and Sleep Number’s “Sleep Geek Pete Bils,” moderated by Blackish star Miles Brown. Arianna will then board a JetBlue flight to Las Vegas, where she will speak about sleep over the PA and hold office hours from 35,000 feet in the air. On flight, everyone will get a free copy of Arianna’s book and a sleep kit with giveaways including a Sense sleep sensor, Soxxy ear plugs and socks, a Philips Wake Up light, and a Sleep Number eye mask. Customers who are not on the flight can also join the conversation as Arianna and Sleep Geek Pete hosting a Facebook Q&A from the air. JetBlue is also donating 18 round-trip flights for winners of an Instagram UGC (user-generated content) contest about showing off your favorite nap spot.


Marriott understands the importance of getting a good night’s sleep and is working with HuffPost on the college tour, sleep related content on Marriott Traveler and bringing sleep tips from The Sleep Revolution to millions of hotel guests. In addition, Marriott is providing bluetooth speakers to college students along the Sleep Revolution tour, and Marriott gift cards for an Instagram UGC contest about showing off your favorite nap spot.


Angie’s List will sponsor a “Sleep Sanctuary” contest for professional interior designers, renovation influencers and DIYers to create the perfect bedroom. Contestants will be featured on The Huffington Post and on Angie’s List to show off their work. The winning bedroom will be determined by a national vote, and one voter will win a $15,000 bedroom makeover. Angie’s List as well as Founder Angie Hicks will produce and publish news articles on topics ranging from bedroom tech to drowsy driving to the best temperatures and colors that encourage rest.

#SleepRevolution College Tour Partners:

· Acousticsheep is donating their SleepPhones.

· Aloha is donating Sleep Teas.

· Aros will have their hoodies with inflatable pillows, share the benefits of napping, and encourage students to post photos wearing them. Students will then be entered in a contest to win a free hoodie.

· Aura Cacia is donating more than a thousand lavender chill pill mists.

· Bed Gear is donating hundreds of twin XL mattress protectors.

· Be Well is giving sitewide discounts to students and providing samples of their sleep formula.

· CalmCircle is introducing CalmCircleCollege, an online course specifically targeted for college students to help them manage the stress and anxiety that is common in college campuses. CalmCircle will also offer workshops on meditation, mindfulness, and mental rest.

· Coco-Mat is producing several thousand personalized totes with pillows that say “Sleep your way to the top” along with hundreds of personalized #SleepRevolution eye masks. Coco-Mat is also hosting The Sleep Revolution book launch party on Wednesday, April 6 in Manhattan.

· Fresh will donate thousands of their Sugar lip treatments.

· Headspace is donating one-month free membership to the app for thousands of students, and access to a free meditation session.

· Jawbone will donate hundreds of their UP3 wearable bands and have an interactive booth at select schools.

· kikki.K is donating thousands of dream notebooks.

· KIND Bar will give out healthy snacks and herbal teas at each college.

· Kusmi Tea will supply individual teas.

· Land’s End is donating 1,300 sets of pajamas to the schools and will have a booth at some campuses to give more away.

· Living Fresh will provide pillow cases, travel size CALM Spa Collection aromatherapy, Hand Lotion, Foot Cream & Linen Spray, and one White Queen Sheet Set per school for a raffle.

· Living Proof is providing hundreds of dry shampoos.

· Marpac will have an interactive booth that will allow students to experience their white noise machines which are helpful for living with dormmates. They will also donate thousands of their portable white noise machines for the tour.

· MetroNaps will be donating one EnergyPod as part of a giveaway contest.

· MUSE is donating Muses and providing a MUSE headband experience at schools in the tour.

· Perpetual Shade is donating eye masks.

· Quip will donate hundreds of bedtime routine kits.

· Remodo is re-doing 50 dorm rooms at each school on our tour. These rooms will be selected via a social media contest, where students nominate a tired, sleep-deprived friend who deserves a restful space.

· Sheex is donating their high performance pillow cases.

· Sleep Number is a key partner of the college tour and will be featuring their new it bed, and select campuses can experience a virtual reality demonstration to show students the effects of sleep deprivation.

· Sleep Shepherd will donate hundred of sleep hats to slow brainwaves down to help people with sleep disorders sleep better.

· Somni is donating hundreds of “sleep kits” and will have a booth at campuses to educate students about creating sleep habits.

· SoulCycle is donating hundreds of free rides to four schools (USC, UCLA, UC Berkeley, Georgetown).

· Sound + Sleep will donate Sound+Sleep MINIs and sleep masks.

· Spotify is curating a sleep playlist, and giving thousands of students discounted membership to Spotify.

· Victoria’s Secret is donating thousands of their passion fruit body oils.

· Zeel will donate thousands of gift certificates for massages-on-demand for students.


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