Brandspeak: With ‘Lemonade,’ Beyonce Proves She’s the Queen of Branding


Beyonce Lemonade

If you were lucky enough to see Beyonce’s epic 60-minute long reckoning with husband Jay Z on HBO this weekend, you might just as well have witnessed the relaunch of Beyonce as the most powerful entertainment brand alive.

This poetic musical view into the soul of an artist is visually mesmerizing, thought-provoking, at times vulgar—but above all, it is mostly honest. Beyonce opens up about her most personal fears, struggles, intimate insecurities—but her brand comes out stronger than ever. She finds more strength in her vulnerability.

Why? Because with Lemonade, she checks off three characteristics that all of the world’s greatest brands share:

  • She is transparent and authentic: Rarely has an artist been more naked, more exposed, shared so much with the world with such little compromise. If people appreciate one thing today, it is everything genuine and real.
  • She engages people all over the world: Taking her marital dispute public, Beyonce allows the fans to participate in her most personal life. Just watch the social media buzz unfold over the coming days.
  • She takes a stand and has a point of view: You may agree or disagree. You may like it or not. But Beyonce is a stronger, more opinionated and outspoken woman today than ever before. And people are craving exactly that type of bold leadership.

No one seems to understand current culture better than Beyonce at the moment—and she may just have redefined it. (Mainly) women all over the world will relate to this deeply intimate and personal confession—because they feel what she feels. They will empathize. And they will buy more records and flock to concert halls all over the world.

So if Jay Z is the lemon in this tale, he certainly makes for some tasty Lemonade. And if this is the juice for Beyonce’s lemonade stand, she will make a fortune. Bet on it.

—Dominik Prinz is Interbrand’s Head of Strategy in New York and San Francisco and a recognized thought leader and practitioner on how to connect an organization’s business, brand and purpose. Follow him on Twitter at @DomPrinz.


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