LATAM Airlines Rolls Out New Branding in Time for Rio 2016 Role


LATAM airline new branding April 2016

Last August, the LATAM Airlines Group revealed the new global branding for LATAM, the corporate parent of LAN, TAM and their affiliated services.

Now the new global branding is rolling out with the official launch of the new LATAM brand, including new aircraft livery, uniforms and airport designs coming to Latin America’s largest airline group.

In one of the most important steps in the consolidation of LAN Airlines, TAM Airlines and their affiliates, LATAM Airlines Group on Thursday revealed its new aircraft design at simultaneous launch events in countries where the group operates.

LATAM airline livery

In addition to the new image of LATAM aircraft, the Santiago, Chile-based company presented a number of other changes that will be visible from May onwards, including new uniforms, airport signage and counter design as well as a consolidated website at

LATAM new airline logo

The new global LATAM brand, including the new aircraft, uniform and airport designs, was developed in partnership with brandchannel parent Interbrand.

According to Interbrand’s press release, “The project involved intense research in over 10 countries, defining the brand’s strategy, and activation of the new vision. The project was led by Interbrand offices in Brazil, Chile, and Spain.”

This project also represents Latin America’s most complex case of merging brands, with global strategic relevance. “This has been a process full of challenges and paradigm-breaking. The creation of LATAM is a mark in the history of aviation—the first time two great airline companies come together under an entirely new flag,” stated Daniella Bianchi, Managing Director at Interbrand São Paulo.

“Starting with the commitment to take dreams and people always further and to bring the best of Latin America to the world, we have worked for the last two years on an intense implementation process that comes to light as of today.”

LATAM Airbus new livery 2016

The group will continue to introduce LATAM products and services as part of a gradual roll-out that will last approximately three years. To support the launch of the new LATAM products and services, the group will launch integrated marketing campaigns in each of the countries where it operates. Each airline will continue to operate under its current brands and identities.

“In the coming days, aircraft with the new LATAM image will take to the skies, representing a historic milestone for the leading airline group in Latin America,” stated Enrique Cueto, CEO of LATAM Airlines Group. “It will be a gradual change with the principal objective of simplifying and improving the travel experience of our passengers.”

LATAM airline group new livery April 2016

“In the coming weeks, our passengers will start to experience LATAM with the ability to book tickets via the LATAM website, accumulate kilometers using LATAM’s frequent flyer program, check-in at LATAM counters, relax in LATAM VIP lounges and most significantly, fly on LATAM-branded aircraft. We will continue to optimize the most extensive route network in Latin America, the most modern fleet in the region and invest in digital solutions to offer our passengers a more personalized travel experience.”

The first flight of a LATAM-branded aircraft, a Boeing 767, will depart from Rio de Janeiro on May 1st on a one-off journey to Geneva to collect the Olympic torch. The specially prepared aircraft will then return on May 3rd to Brasilia, the starting place of the Rio 2016 Olympic Torch Relay between more than 300 Brazilian cities. LATAM Airlines in Brazil is an official supporter of the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games and an official supporter of the Rio 2016 Olympic Torch Relay.

On May 5th, the first three commercial flights of aircraft with the new LATAM image will operate the following routes: São Paulo-Santiago (a Boeing 767 service departing São Paulo at 09:05 local time); Santiago-Lima (an Airbus A319 service departing Santiago at 09:10 local time); and São Paulo-Brasilia (an Airbus A319 service departing São Paulo at 14:20 local time).

More than 50 aircraft are anticipated to be rebranded before the end of 2016 and the fleet-wide process is expected to be finalized in 2018. Repainting takes on average six to 12 days per plane and will be scheduled in accordance with routine maintenance to maximize efficiency.

LATAM airport branding

From May 5th, LATAM’s evolution will also become visible in 13 airports where the group’s airlines operate including their hubs in Santiago, São Paulo (Guarulhos), Lima and Brasilia as well as Río de Janeiro (Galeão), São Paulo (Congonhas), Buenos Aires (Ezeiza), Bogotá, Quito, Miami, Madrid, Guiyaquil and New York (JFK). Changes will range from new-look check-in counters and VIP lounges to rebranded boarding passes and screen displays.

In early May, the group will launch its new integrated website at – available in six languages – where passengers will be able to seamlessly purchase tickets, check-in, review real-time flight statuses, set-up alerts and access other useful travel information.

Today also saw the unveiling of the new uniforms to be worn by over 23,000 cabin crew, sales office and airport staff throughout LATAM Airline Group’s network, with the global roll-out to begin before the end of 2016. The LATAM uniforms – which showcase the signature indigo and coral of the LATAM logo – were created by the celebrated Brazilian fashion designer Pedro Lourenço with collaboration from a focus group of over 80 employees from different areas of the company.

LATAM Airlines Group signaled further developments to its in-flight experience including a new onboard magazine and media platform Vamos/ LATAM, which will offer content across a range of channels in Spanish, Portuguese and English. In addition, an exclusive South American wine list will be introduced to all international flights of LATAM Airlines Group during 2016. The improvements follow last year’s introduction of LATAM Entertainment – which offers wireless content streaming direct to passengers’ mobile devices – to 200 short-haul aircraft (Airbus A319, A320 and A321).

LATAM has the largest network of destinations in South America. The merger of LAN, with its affiliates in Argentina, Peru, Colombia and Ecuador, with TAM has given LATAM a network of about 135 destinations in South America and abroad.

Find out more on the development of the global LATAM brand in the videos below: