With ONE HUNDRED, DAS Brings Together Power Players for Purpose


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What if a coalition of marketing agencies united for global change? You’d have ONE HUNDRED—the world’s first multi-disciplinary, fully integrated service collective for the modern nonprofit.

The ONE HUNDRED agency brings together six agencies with unique skills and a shared vision: to help nonprofits in every corner of the world tell innovative stories that inspire humanitarian change.

One Hundred Agency / DAS logoThe new agency’s mandate is grounded in a collective sense of global responsibility: “We use the power of our partnership to make lasting impacts where they’re most needed, intervening on behalf of the vulnerable and invisible, and inspiring others to do the same.”

ONE HUNDRED can do things that individual agencies and philanthropic organizations can only dream of: Campaigns for every medium. Cutting-edge digital experiences for every device. The right message at the right time and place.

Bringing together experts to help organizations develop, launch and nurture their purpose and related causes and actions, ONE HUNDRED is comprised of six DAS agencies: Changing Our World, Critical Mass, Interbrand, Ketchum, Porter Novelli and Russ Reid.

The award-winning ONE HUNDRED team — whose capabilities spans advertising, branding, digital, fundraising, marketing, public relations, research and analysis, strategic planning and custom solutions — is led by Brian Crimmins, CEO of Changing Our World. The new Managing Partner of ONE HUNDRED shared more of the agency’s purpose, strategy and goals with Interbrand NY/SF strategy head Dominik Prinz and global marketing director Kristin Reagan in a Q&A below:

brandchannel: What prompted DAS to form ONE HUNDRED?

Brian CrimminsCrimmins: It was really for two main reasons. First, we saw the overall nonprofit/philanthropic marketplace changing. As the nonprofit market becomes more complex, the modern nonprofit expects the same bold, creative and impactful solutions as our globally-renowned corporate clients.

In addition, ONE HUNDRED firmly believes a modern nonprofit needs all its brand assets working together – internally and externally – to drive its mission forward. To do this, integration is key. We have created an integrated approach to more effectively support the desire of modern nonprofits to utilize branding to drive growth in all areas. We will maximize each client’s impact with solutions that are seamless, more efficient and more engaging.

Through an integrated approach, we can help elevate the voice of our clients, ensuring all revenue-producing functions are unified under a consistent brand narrative. This will lead to a greater ROI, driving more resources towards our clients’ missions. We are literally talking about better health, stronger schools, cleaner air, greater hope and more people moved to action.

bc: What is ONE HUNDRED’s purpose and what services does it provide?

Crimmins: We believe nonprofits’ desire to change the world needs a partner that changes the game. ONE HUNDRED is changing the game by integrating services that are critical to nonprofits but have never truly worked in an integrated fashion. Those services are: advertising, branding, digital, fundraising, marketing, public relations, and research and analysis.

bc: What makes ONE HUNDRED such a unique partner for nonprofits? 

Crimmins: No other service partner can offer sophisticated end-to-end strategic services, deliver deep subject matter expertise by discipline and execute the implementation of all services in a coordinated approach. We maximize a nonprofit’s impact with solutions that are seamless, more efficient, and more engaging.

bc: Does a client have to hire all six disciplines or can a client hire à la carte services?

Crimmins: We believe that the greatest impact for a nonprofit will come from a fully integrated offering, but we understand that not all disciplines may apply at the specific moment in time. Therefore, a nonprofit can engage ONE HUNDRED for one, a few or all of our integrated service offerings.

bc: Can you describe one of ONE HUNDRED’s recent success stories? How did ONE HUNDRED’s efforts help to grow a nonprofit?

Crimmins: We are currently working with a top 20 nonprofit (in terms of size). We are assessing how an integrated approach will deliver economies of scale in some areas but even more importantly, how the connectedness of our services will enhance the donor journey in a way that is compelling and engaging. Once we connect that, which would be unique and game-changing, we will drive more efficiencies and stronger results.

bc: What is one of the most important lessons you have learned from working with countless nonprofits over the years that has helped you in getting ONE HUNDRED off the ground and running?

Crimmins: Passionate leadership. Passionate leadership working toward a shared goal. That’s it. That’s what makes really great nonprofits and that’s what was prevalent from the very early days of ONE HUNDRED. I can’t thank enough the leaders within Omnicom who helped make this possible: Karen van Bergen (former CEO of Porter Novelli), Andrea Sullivan (CMO of Interbrand), Dianne Wilkins (CEO of Critical Mass), Alan Hall (CEO of Russ Reid), RP Kumar (EVP and Global Director, Strategic Planning, Insights and Research at Ketchum) and Stacey Hightower (COO of Group E at Diversified Agency Services). From the first conversation(s), they saw the potential and opportunity.

Follow ONE HUNDRED on Facebook and Twitter and Brian Crimmins on Twitter and LinkedIn. Omnicom is the parent company of brandchannel owner Interbrand.

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