Every Product Placement in ‘Captain America: Civil War’


Captain America  Harley-Davidson

For the Marvel Universe and product placement consistency, it seems that closing a door opens a window. The new Captain America: Civil War — which just took $179 million at the box office for the fifth-largest opening weekend ever — doubles down on the Audi and Harley-Davidson partnerships but then dumps its Samsung smartphones in favor of Vivos. Below, every product or brand that appears in the film and some meaningful observations.

Much like with Batman v Superman and Jeep, tie-in short video teasers on YouTube and Faceook already had audiences primed for Audi’s major role in Captain America: Civil War. The comprehensive presence of Audi in the film proves the Avengers Storyline—including titles Captain America, Iron Man and Thor—has come a long way since films included a mishmash of official deals with Audi, Acura and Lexus. brandchannel recently spoke with Loren Angelo, director of marketing for Audi of America, about its growing relationship with Marvel.

Of interest to Marvel fans may be Yahoo!’s thought experiment: “What the Captain America: Civil War Superheroes Would Drive (Without Product Placement).” Audi makes the list, but not for Tony “Iron Man” Stark.

Another brand that has been with the Captain America franchise from the beginning is Harley-Davidson. The legendary bike brand expanded its role in Avengers: Age of Ultron with its Livewire concept e-motorcycle. That model does not make a return for Civil War; instead, Harley told brandchannel that its Street 750 and the new Iron 883—both part of the brand’s “Dark Custom” line—can be seen in the film. But unlike with Avengers 2 and the last Captain America film, Harley has not built a major promotion around Civil War. The only mention of the film on Harley’s website is a single image splash page. Also, the actual Harley logo does no appear on the bikes in the film.

A brand with no previous relationship with the Marvel universe but has nonetheless been barnstorming major Hollywood films in the last year is Vivo. We last saw the Chinese smartphone maker in The Martian and now the brand is back in an even bigger way in Captain America: Civil War. Samsung, last seen all over the South Korea-set of Avengers: Age of Ultron, was nowhere to be found in Captain America 3.

It isn’t the first time a Chinese smartphone brand has bought its way in to the Marvel Universe. Three years ago, TCL struck a major deal with Iron Man 3, which saw the Chinese tech company’s handsets make an onscreen appearance.

Pizza Hut does not appear in the final film, though the Captain America 3 brand partner did land its own Marvel Universe film… kind of. Marvel’s comedy YouTube series “What The—?!” released a special Pizza  Hut-sponsored episode in which the Captain America: Civil War characters sit around and argue about what pizza toppings to get. Marvel’s “What The—?!” did this back in 2011 for the first Captain America. Pizza Hut’s tie-in includes special edition boxes and deals.


Below, every product placement and identifiable brand in Captain America: Civil War, including FedEx, which was part of the second-best joke in the movie.

Captain America: Civil War

Nestle’s Milo
Mister Softee
MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Salvation Army
Saveur (magazine)
Tom Ford
Tug Technologies
Under Armour