Lancôme Shakes Up Luxury Lipstick Market with Juicy Shakers


Lancôme Juicy Shakers

If you’ve ever wanted to try a lipstick cocktail, Lancôme’s latest lip product—the Juicy Shaker—will fit the bill. A cross between the iconic Cocktail Shaker lipstick from the 1940s and its Juicy Tube lipgloss from the 1990s, the legacy brand is set to engage a new generation with its Juicy Shaker.

Lancôme has a dedicated site for the pigment infused bi-phased lip oil line, detailing 14 color options, each around $21, with unique scents and tastes like Berry in Love, Mint to Be and Great-fruit. Lancôme designed the vessel to mimic a mini cocktail shaker. Shake the lipstick and it sounds like a martini shaker.

A web page asks consumers if they are irresistible, wild, daring, remarkable or sweet to help “find [her] juicy flavor,” reports Luxury Daily.  Shake Tape then asks users to select an attitude, take four selfies with different prompts that dictate a specific look, then shake the mouse to blend the “ingredients” and a GIF image is generated.

On Lancôme’s Instagram account, brand ambassador Lupita N’yongo shares her Shake Tape with the community.

Lupita N’yongo Lancôme Juicy Shakers

The millennial market is a wide open sweet spot for the luxury sector, and leaders like Estée Lauder are innovating with models like The Estée Edit collection available exclusively through Sephora in the US and Canada for the socially savvy.

“Lancôme intended to make applying and reapplying lip color feel new and exciting,” reports PopSugar. “I can honestly say that Juicy Shaker makes me feel like a kid again (in a good way). Instead of worrying about whether or not my lipstick will last throughout my various meetings, I’m thinking about the cushy applicator hugging my lips, imbuing them with a natural, pretty flush—and smelling cinnamon, citrus, or candy. It’s a welcome, playful change to my beauty routine.”

Shaken, not stirred, a legacy luxury brand responds with nimble innovation.


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