#LuxuryWatch: Meta-Luxury Rising, Cucinelli, LVMH, #TheLookIs, Tradesy


Fazioli Piano

The week’s news and views on luxury from Rebecca Robins, Interbrand Director EMEA LatAm and Meta-luxury co-author


Meta-luxury rising! In 2012 Manfredi Ricca and I put some provocative thinking out into the ether in the book  Meta-luxury: Brands and the Culture of Excellence. Meta-luxury challenges head-on what we mean by “luxury” as a diluted convention and opens up insights into brands based on a business model of sustainable excellence.  On our fourth anniversary, it seemed a timely point to share some of this week’s highlights of meta-luxury brands that are returning categories to growth and proving the economic value of sustainable excellence.

• A “surprising” story of growth through excellence and relevance featured in The Economist. Three years ago Harrods shut down its piano department, in what became an emblem of the decline of the piano industry. So what are meta-luxury brands Fazioli and Steinway doing to create growth in what was a dying category? 

Steinway Spirio

• Double-digit growth from ‪Cucinelli is further proof positive of ‪sustainable excellence.


• “Haute is hot”, as The New York Times declares in noting that demand for jewellery driven by demand for craftsmanship, history and rarity, is on the rise.

Haute Jewelry

• Setting a new standard in excellence, Jaeger-LeCoultre helps preserve glaciers in Alaska with UNESCO, a sustainable indicator for all as luxury watch brands invest in our time on earth.

• #TheLookIs is a new social beauty network — and the latest innovation from ‪Condé Nast as publishers are on a mission for relevance.


• Battle of the ‪startups in designer resale is playing out as ‪Tradesy raises $30 million.


• Created in China: The Chinese fashion economy goes micro.

Chinese Fashion Manufacturers

• A scent of change at ‪LVMH as it reorchestrates its Parfums division, which includes Givenchy, Kenzo, Emilio Pucci and Fendi fragrances.

Rebecca Robins is Regional Director, EMEA LatAm at Interbrand and co-author of the book Meta-luxury. Beats and tweets: @robins_rebecca

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