‘Leaks Can’t Stop Me Now’: 5 Questions With Poise Brand’s Rusty Zaspel


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“Leaks Can’t Stop Me Now” is the latest music video from Kimberly-Clark’s Poise brand—and it pulls out all the stops about post-pregnancy incontinence.

Created by HelloFlo with signature brand bravado and humor, the clip featuring moms dancing with panty liners and joking about leaking to a catchy pop tune. But it actually addresses a little-talked about but prevalent problem for up to 50 percent of women for whom a sneeze may cause a leak.

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned since starting HelloFlo, it’s that acknowledging something that happens to our bodies can feel like a radical act,” says Naama Bloom, founder and CEO of HelloFlo, which recently sold to SheKnows and also participated in another K-C brand with the U by Kotex pop-up Period Shop in New York.

“That’s why I’m not afraid to say that after having babies, I started leaking,” Bloom added. “Not all the time, but let’s just say allergy season post-baby was very different than allergy season pre-baby.”

The video’s lyrics “stop, squeeze and sneeze” came from Bloom’s personal experience. “The Poise brand and I wondered what would happen if women were not ashamed to talk about their bodies’ ‘new normal’ following childbirth or as they enter menopause,” says Bloom. “The video that resulted, ‘Leaks Can’t Stop Me Now,’ is a joyful, celebratory answer to that.”

brandchannel spoke with Poise Senior Brand Manager Rusty Zaspel about Poise and destigmatizing light bladder leakage, aka LBL.

bc: If 50 percent of women experience a loss of urinary control after pregnancy, why does it remain such a taboo topic?

Rusty Zaspel Poise

Rusty Zaspel: Light bladder leakage can affect women of all ages and life stages. It is often caused by weak pelvic floor muscles. These muscles support the pelvic organs and are critical for healthy bladder control. Weight, pregnancy, childbirth and hysterectomy can be contributors to weakened pelvic muscles.

Many women keep their LBL a secret because of shame and embarrassment, even though one in three women experience it. We believe women should not let these little leaks compromise their confidence or hold them back from enjoying life’s adventures. Since its launch in 1992, the Poise brand has been committed to understanding women’s evolving feminine needs and creating innovative solutions for LBL that both empower and increase confidence.

bc: HelloFlo is known for taking a humorous approach to touchy topics, but this is the first of its kind for Kimberly-Clark—is your company getting increasingly bold in its advertising?

Zaspel: We applaud HelloFlo’s creative approach to the women’s health category through its unique videos and content. By partnering together on the recent video, we are inserting ourselves directly into the conversation, encouraging women to join the dialogue around LBL and pushing boundaries in the feminine care space.

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bc: What changes in the marketplace do you perceive as millennials replace boomers as reigning moms?

Zaspel: We anticipate a growing shift in brands connecting with consumers in the digital and social media space. We know women are engaging on digital channels and consuming digital content more than ever before, especially millennials. And we use technology to help drive meaningful brand experiences that engage these consumers on their own terms and in real time. Our collaboration with HelloFlo allows us to connect, entertain and engage a wider audience of women with real, relatable content created in concert with a partner who understands them as well as we do.

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bc: What is the next taboo Kimberly-Clark is preparing to take on?

Zaspel: While we don’t discuss the specifics of future marketing efforts, we are excited about the partnership and future efforts with HelloFlo.

Recently, the U by Kotex brand launched The Period Projects—a groundbreaking series of projects that bring to life women’s passions and ideas for creating real change and making things better when it comes to periods, period experiences and the feminine care category.

This past weekend the brand kicked off The Period Projects with The Period Shop—the world’s first and only pop-up shop dedicated to all things period. Inspired by, and created in partnership with Period Project Captain Sarah Michelson, the Shop is part proclamation, part celebration, and an undeniably loud and proud manifestation of the importance of periods.

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bc: What feedback have you received so far and how do you measure ROI on campaigns like this?

Zaspel: The feedback has been positive regarding the video as well as the brand’s partnership with HelloFlo. We do not comment on our internal measurement and reporting.

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