#LuxuryWatch: The Culture Issue—Art Meets Tech


MoMA San Francisco

The week’s news and views on luxury from Rebecca Robins, Interbrand Director EMEA LatAm and Meta-luxury co-author.

This week’s edition was sparked by a stellar read in the Financial Times that underpins the very premise of how we relate to culture. In a world increasingly disrupted and defined by the virtual, there is an inherently deeper question around the very notion of what we value and why. With aquiline precision, we are poised to pounce on the next hashtagged newsbite of tech disruption and innovation.

MoMA San FranciscoThinking fast has become beguilingly addictive. Thinking deep and long shouldn’t be an antidote. Magic and logic, sense and sensibility—whether through the counterbalance of complementarity or the counterpoint of contradiction, as thinkers, as doers, we have always thrived and will continue to thrive, on the laws of opposition.

So take a moment to ask yourself: When was the last time you got that inspired by looking up, by looking out, by getting lost in the magic of words, by being mesmerised by a hauntingly beautiful piece of music?

The things that strike the chords of our soul take a little longer in the making but these are the very things that remain with us long after the rest loses its lustre. Here’s to the still point of culture in a turning world.

Art and tech define a new cultural narrative as MoMA San Francisco signals a more seismic shift on the West Coast.

MoMA San Francisco

“Time is a value”…”It’s about culture”… the inside story on the partnership behind Valentino‘s growth trajectory.


Making a mark in history at Lotus. The Hethel Evora 400 celebrates 50 years of British craftsmanship.

Lotus Hethel Evora 400

LVMH opens it doors across Europe via Les Journées Particulières, allowing much desired access to the inner sanctums of some of its brands and the craftsmen and processes behind the unique creations.

Retail spaces are taking inspiration from the art world.

Retail Fashion Borrows From Art World

Rebecca Robins is Regional Director, EMEA LatAm at Interbrand and co-author of the book Meta-luxury. Beats and tweets: @robins_rebecca

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