Still Thirsty: Dos Equis Teases ‘Most Interesting Man’ Replacement


Dos Equis Erin Andrews Most Interesting

Almost three months ago, Dos Equis retired its “Most Interesting Man in the World,” ending a decade-long iconic campaign by sending actor Jonathan Goldsmith (the globe-trotting subject of a boastful voiceover by Will Lyman that always ended with Goldman intoning, “Stay thirsty, my friends”) on a one-way journey to Mars.

The end of the campaign, which made Dos Equis one of America’s fastest-growing beer brandsat one point by 22% at a time when sale of other imported beer fell 4% in the US —left a key question hanging in the air: “Who can replace the most interesting man in the world?”

You, perhaps. The Heineken-owned Mexican beer brand today revealed its summer 2016 “Choose Interesting” campaign to let anyone on Facebook rank how “Interesting” they are, with ads featuring two unexpected people as “most interesting” to make the point, driving to the Dos Equis website and to a sweepstakes that uses the Facebook algorithm.

The “Choose Interesting” campaign will kick off on June 13 with two US TV spots (watch below), featuring sportscaster Erin Andrews (shown ice sculpting) and actor Luis Guzman (shown playing piano) in two digital spots released on YouTube today.

Dos Equis Erin Andrews Most Intersting 2016

Andrews is known for her work on FOX Sports and ESPN’s College GameDay, not to mention ABC’s Good Morning America (and a stalker incident that saw her recently sue the Marriott hotel chain) while Guzman is a Puerto Rican star best-known for character roles and playing sidekicks.

Dos Equis Luis Guzman most interesting man

According to Ad Age, it’s a stopgap campaign before the real replacement for Goldsmith is revealed, as “Dos Equis will not unveil its next Most Interesting leading man — or woman — until late summer/early fall in conjunction with its new College Football Playoff sponsorship.” And yes, Lyman’s wry voiceover will return too.

Positioning the US summer campaign as part of the brand’s upcoming 120th anniversary in 2017, it’s also refreshing its packaging (in a design dubbed “Coin” with a more rounded logo) that’s slated for a mid-July retail rollout.

Dos Equis - Apply Within - Canada 2016

In Canada, meanwhile, Dos Equis is running “Apply Within,” a digital campaign (with creative co-produced by VICE) that’s inviting fans to prove they can make even the most boring day at work “interesting” by trying on more exciting jobs.

The jobs on offer to Dos Equis fans in Canada include Treasure Diver in Sardinia, Italy; Mexican Luchador in Mexico City; Korean soap actor in Seoul, South Korea; sailing crew member in Halifax, Nova Scotia; late night food critic in Montreal and Toronto).

The pitch: “Life can be as interesting as you make it — even during work hours. Reimagine your 9 to 5 at” (On Instagram, the pitch is “Would you exchange your 9 to 5 for one of the world’s most interesting jobs? Click the link below to Apply Within. Must be 19+ to enter and win.”)

As noted by Canada’s The Globe and Mail,

Dos Equis will release a video in partnership with VICE and its TV channel, Viceland, featuring a man who worked for a week in Mexico as a luchador (a lucha libre wrestler). The video is intended to launch the “Apply Within” campaign, inviting Canadians to apply for five “of the world’s most interesting jobs” – the chance to work for a week as a Korean soap opera actor, for example, or a treasure diver in Italy. 

Dos Equis began “teasing” the campaign (in early June), including with classified ads for the jobs in some newspapers, a trailer on YouTube and banner ads on The brand is working with VICE as a production house for the campaign—scouting jobs and producing “mini documentaries” that will follow the winners on their job experiences, with plans to run those videos online and on Viceland. The videos will tell the winners’ stories but also look at drinking culture in each place they work.

More details on the US summer campaign in the press release below.

Erin Andrews And Luis Guzmán Team Up With Dos Equis To Encourage Fans To Prove How Interesting They Are

Dos Equis Also Introduces a New Visual Identity that Includes a Refreshed Package Design and Updated Logo

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., June 1, 2016 — This summer, as anticipation builds towards the announcement of Dos Equis’ next “Most Interesting Man in the World,” the iconic beer brand teams up with esteemed host Erin Andrews and legendary actor Luis Guzmán to encourage fans to Stay Thirsty in two digital spots.

As these videos showcase their ranks among The Most Interesting People in the World, Dos Equis is also providing fans 21+ the opportunity to prove how interesting they are through the “Dos Equis Interesting Index,” a proprietary algorithm built for the Facebook platform.

The Dos Equis Interesting Index algorithm scrubs through users’ specific Facebook data to determine a “score” in four different categories: originality, thirst for knowledge, worldliness and sense of adventure, which then produces an overall worldwide ranking. To prove how interesting you are, fans can go to to discover their ranking, peruse exciting summer hacks and enter sweepstakes to win prizes including festival tickets and backyard grilling accessories. Fans can improve their status throughout the summer by participating in interesting activities, visiting local Dos Equis bars and restaurants, and entering the sweepstakes.

“Dos Equis was born interesting in 1897 when it was first brewed by a German brewmaster in Mexico,” said Andre Woldt, Brand Manager of Marketing for Dos Equis. “With the conclusion of the first chapter of The Most Interesting Man in the World campaign, this is a most interesting time as we continue to evolve the brand. We’re working with Erin and Luis, who both live interesting lives, to inspire consumers to prove they’re interesting and see where they rank in the world amongst their friends.”

Dos Equis brand refresh new packaging 2016

Dos Equis new logo 2016In preparation for the brand’s 120th anniversary, Dos Equis is also refreshing the brand’s logo and packaging. The new visual identity nods to the brand’s Mexican heritage and further highlights the taste profile of a crisp, refreshing, beer with a well-balanced finish. Dos Equis will launch TV commercials to support the new visual identity on June 13, and primary and secondary packaging will begin to rollout across the country in mid-July, for both bottles and cans.

The refreshed brand visual features a design called ‘Coin,’ evocative of the Centenario, a Mexican coin, first minted in 1921 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Mexico’s independence. The design includes:

• The two iconic red Xs (Roman numerals), as the brand was originally called Siglo Veinte to commemorate the arrival of the 20th century.

• The Gold coin, which is part of Mexico’s strong heritage – its riches, art and golden sunlight.

• Moctezuma, the final ruler of the Aztec Empire between the two X’s, blending the Mexican heritage with a forward look towards the future.

Dos Equis Choose Interesting summer 2016 US

This summer, Dos Equis will run a retail and on-premise program encouraging US consumers to Choose Interesting and make the most of the season’s celebrations, while fans anticipate the launch of the next Most Interesting Man in the World.

Dos Equis Choose Interesting is a 360° program with elements including digital and social media support, a refreshed design and packaging, third party shopping apps, POS, and exclusive partnerships along with sweepstakes and offers (where legal) to engage consumers and drive incremental sales of Dos Equis throughout the year’s most popular beer drinking season.

Dos Equis beer 12 pack new logo 2016In store, eye-catching POS and displays will also encourage consumers to purchase Dos Equis and engage with the program. Dos Equis 12-Pack Sampling events (where legal) will also generate trial, educate consumers on Dos Equis and encourage them to participate and increase their interesting ranking. On-premise, attention grabbing posters, coasters, table tents and banners will encourage the trial of Dos Equis and promote the program to consumers.

“June through August includes 6 of the top 10 beer-selling holidays, accounts for 30% of annual beer sales, and is Dos Equis’ biggest-selling period,” stated the brand’s VP of marketing Andrew Katz. “Choose Interesting is designed to tap into our consumers’ desire to live more interesting lives while providing our retail and on-premise partners with all the elements to build store traffic and drive sales and profits of Dos Equis this summer.”

Dos Equis logo 2016 before and after

Both the new visual identity (shown before and after, above) and the Dos Equis Choose Interesting program are part of an ongoing commitment from the brand to encourage fans to live in a more interesting life. For more information, visit or

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