Cannes Lions 2016: Sydney Opera House Rebrand Strikes Gold for Interbrand


Sydney Opera House rebrand Interbrand

Amidst all our coverage of the 63rd annual Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity this week, we’d like to congratulate our colleagues at Interbrand (brandchannel’s parent company) in Australia and the Sydney Opera House, who have been awarded a prestigious Cannes Lions Gold award for their work on “Shifting Perspectives,” a new brand identity launched late last year by the world-famous performing arts center.

Sydney Opera House Interbrand typography

With its iconic sails and incredible performances, the Sydney Opera House has long been one of the world’s most-loved buildings, and a symbol of Australia to the world. At the heart of the Opera House’s brand renewal is a unique 3D sculptural typography which has been awarded the 2016 Cannes Gold Lion for Design. The overall rebrand project also took home a Bronze Lion at the global awards this week.

Sydney Opera House rebrand typography Interbrand

“With a world-first typeface, a sculptural form language and an agenda to inspire, we set out to create a new brand for the Sydney Opera House,” as Interbrand Australia noted on its Instagram feed. Shifting Perspectives is described as a brand idea that inspires conversation around culture and art, and helps visitors understand there’s more to the Sydney Opera House than opera.

Sydney Opera House Utzon font rebrand typography

Interbrand Australia Sydney Opera House Typography Font Shifting Perspectives

“When we began the Brand Renewal project in 2014, we wanted to fuse the Opera House’s past, present and future into a compelling identity,”  Sydney Opera House CEO Louise Herron, AM, said. “We recognise the important role we play in shaping culture ­– the way Australia sees itself and how the world sees Australia.” she added.

Sydney Opera House Utzon font Interbrand

“We needed a brand that was as bold and inspiring as the building itself and that unified the vast array of experiences available at the Opera House, from classical music, opera and dance to contemporary music, talks and ideas, fine dining and creative learning,” she added. “The Cannes Lions Gold and Bronze awards are a wonderful recognition of the creative and collaborative work that went into our brand renewal and its power in opening the Opera House to more people everywhere.”

Sydney Opera House rebrand typography Interbrand

“More than anything else, this Cannes Lions Gold win is a testament to the collaborative nature of our partnership with the Sydney Opera House,”  Interbrand Australia’s CEO Kieren Cooney noted.  “The teams had a shared vision and ambition from the very beginning—that art, ideas and imagination hold the power to transform not only individuals, but entire nations. This belief fuelled all areas of the brand’s development.”

Sydney Opera House Interbrand rebrand

Paired with Shifting Perspectives is a sculptural form language. Sails are used to draw attention and interact with photography, while the 3D typeface reflects the contours of the building itself. Together, they complement the content of any show poster or message while bringing the focus back to the master brand.

“All elements of the identity were driven directly by the architecture of the building itself, so it not only feels authentic, but there is also a sense of permanence—that it’s always been there,” Cooney added.

Sydney Opera House rebrand by Interbrand

“Being an entertainment venue, we needed to create a brand that would be a vessel to hold and promote a broad array of content – all the shows and experiences available at the Sydney Opera House – while still being an inspiring and authentic celebration of the place itself. To do this we created assets that would interact with and complement the content of the shows in ways that reflect the architecture of the building. Just as the performances themselves are an interaction of the artist and the place of performance.”

Sydney Opera House rebrand by Interbrand

The Sydney Opera House is a masterpiece that belongs to all Australians. It is the country’s number one tourist destination and its busiest performing arts center, welcoming more than 8.2 million visitors a year on-site and hosting 1,900 performances attended by 1.45 million people. On its 40th Anniversary in 2013, the Opera House embarked upon a Decade of Renewal to prepare it for future generations of artists, audiences and visitors.

The renewed brand was launched in late 2015 and will be rolled out by the Sydney Opera House throughout 2016. Further information is available here.

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