Stella Artois Launches ‘Host One to Remember’ Summer Campaign


Stella Artois Host One to Remember

Summer has finally arrived and Stella Artois would love to be a big part of it for every beer-drinking American.

To make that happen, the Belgian AB InBev brand is kicking off its “Host One to Remember” campaign. The idea is to get people to host parties and make sure they purchase plenty of Stella Artois for potential revelers. After all, this beer has been involved in plenty of celebrations over the years.

“Stella Artois boasts a rich 600-year heritage that has shaped who we are today,” Harry Lewis, VP, Marketing, Stella US, told brandchannel. “We want to continue that legacy and inspire people to leave their own mark by hosting memorable and timeless events with their friends and family this summer. We truly believe that with a little substance and spark, any moment can be transformed from ordinary to extraordinary.”

Stella Artois has tapped three hosts to launch the summer hosting campaign: actress Hilary Duff, culinary wizards Bompas & Parr and time-traveling performance creator Juliette Campbell of Shanghai Mermaid. Each host will bring their own unique twist to the evening.

“I don’t think you have to be extravagant in your entertaining style to make a party memorable for guests,” says Duff. “Casual outdoor entertaining is in my blood.”

Stella Artois Open Table Gift Card To facilitate the party hosting activities, Stella Artois is leveraging some branding partnerships. For example, OpenTable members can receive a special Stella Artois-related surprises, such as branded chalice, throughout the summer.

And as the first-ever advertised beer on Amazon Prime Now, Stella Artois fans across the country will be able to keep their parties well stocked all season long without ever leaving their homes. And, of course, while ordering beer from Amazon, might as well pick up some branded chalices as well.

Stella Artois Chalices

Another partnership with Cinematique lets consumers incorporate three Stella Artois videos into their own celebratory moments. Each “touchable” video links to related content from Instagram, Stella Artois’s Chalice store on Amazon or other entities. The films, which will be posted starting on August 1, allow consumers to see how others host their big events.

Of course, watching the videos is all well and good, but Stella Artois would vastly prefer if consumers went out and bought the beer to share with their friends.