Brand Comebacks: Crystal Pepsi Returns With a ’90s Twist


Crystal Pepsi 2016 relaunch

Fresh off confirmation that it’s bringing back an aspartame-sweetened version of Diet Pepsi due to popular demand, PepsiCo is changing the subject to bring back another old favorite: Crystal Pepsi.

As signaled in December, Pepsi is relaunching Crystal Pepsi—a clear cola that it introduced in 1992—with a twist on another echo of the 1990s: the early computer game, The Oregon Trail. Crystal Pepsi’s modern twist on the game even includes a wooden station wagon instead of the original game’s covered wagon.

The call to action: “Are you ready to travel The Crystal Pepsi Trail? Bring back Crystal Pepsi to the people of this great nation today, or risk forever remaining a total dweeb! Hit the trail July 7th, 2016.”

Crystal Pepsi Trail game 2016

Crystal Pepsi Trail game is available to play on July 7, and the beverage itself will be available for a limited time across Canada beginning on July 11 and in the United States on August 8. Pepsi offered the Crystal version for a limited time in the US in December through a sweepstakes on the Pepsi Pass app.

“We’ve always had a special place in our heart for Crystal Pepsi, and there has been a huge groundswell of support to bring it back,” stated Stacy Taffet, senior director of marketing for Pepsi. “What better way to celebrate this iconic 90s cola than to introduce a new take one of the most beloved games of the decade. Totally rad!”

Consumers, of course, will be the judge. The trailer for Crystal Pepsi Trail does make clever allusions to 1990s bugaboos like agonizingly slow internet download speeds, bad haircuts and tamagotchi pets—enough, perhaps, to pique the interest of those to young to have experienced those groaners the first time around.