‘Fruit Unpackaged’: Faux Früt (of the Loom) Pop-Up Fools Shoppers


Früt Fruit of the Loom

It’s a truism of marketing that a brand’s name can make all the difference without changing the product one bit.

Fruit of the Loom has demonstrated this principle convincingly with a pop-up store and social video campaign called “Fruit Unpackaged” that substituted a chic-sounding fake “Früt” brand and upscale retail displays to make shoppers think differently about Fruit of the Loom undies that are (gasp!) sold in packages and sold at department stores and mainstream retailers.

The company “created the The Früt Store popup to show consumers the quality and variety of their offering,” the brand said, “and that it’s what’s inside the packaging that counts.”

So with a faux pop-up space secured in the Mall of Georgia, Fruit of the Loom opened a chic lingerie store that it called Früt and invited consumers to visit. None of the shoppers knew that the high quality, pretty lingerie they were seeing was actually Fruit of the Loom until they got up to the check-out counter and, game-show like, a wall panel turned around to replace the Früt logo with the real brand: Fruit of the Loom.

The reactions of women in the “Früt” store were priceless—and made Fruit of the Loom’s point effectively.

So what is Fruit of the Loom going to do with this info? Use the campaign to help make the point that its reasonably-priced packaged undergarments stand up to pricier competitors, sure. But the brand says it has no intention of creating a new actual Früt line or brand at this time—but never say never.